Allow comments to be added to time points in the ride, like comments on sound cloud

It would be good if I could annotate my rides on the time/distance line. In the same way you can with audio in soundcloud.

For example you could add comment at the top of hill, or a speedy descent.

Or for a race, something like 'here is where I attacked'.

Also others could comment with time/distance points too.



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  • Had this same idea knocking around in the back of my head for a while now too, I really like the feature on Soundlcoud and I think it would make an amazing addition to Strava, the so called "social" fitness / activities app!

    ...but I think comments on a specific ride timeline (e.g. "Headwind from hell killed my pace herel") should be separate to comments on a segment / route (e.g. "Steep climb" or "tricky off camber section") this would allow for both personal and informational comments. People could comment (or even 'Tag' / 'Flag') trails as Blue / Red / Black etc. ...or detail trail features such as Jumps / Berms / North-Shore / Wall-Ride etc. and the presence or lack of 'chicken run' alternate lines.

    (if it's not obvious from this then YES I am predominantly a MTBer ... still waiting on MTB specific features Strava!!)

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