Magpie Attack Zones

Possibly only Australia-relevant.  Nesting season here (August - October) sees thousands of cyclists swooped & pecked by magpies.  By any chance, would it be a "simple" thing to add an "attack zone" marker on a Strava map?  Any cyclist that has been swooped could jump onto that segment, mark the spot where the attack occurred, and thus warn other cyclists travelling through that segment of the likely danger.  Cyclists could then choose alternate routes, instead of risking the attack (and distressing the nesting birds).  Naturally, if a warning marker has already been placed, it need not be duplicated by subsequent riders.  At season's end (Strava notified by riders), all markers could be removed.  I think it would be a popular (and safety enhancing) addition, if possible.  Thanks folks!  :-)



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  • In addition, I'd love a facility to have my GPS (Garmin) beep at me in advance of such zones. Could be a type of proximity alert based on GPS reference, like the speed camera warmings some car GPSs have (illegally, I suspect).I wouldn't avoid a location just because of swooping maggies or butcher birds, but it would help to know they're coming!

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