Separate segment for MTB and road bikes

I know that these question (or plead) was already asked, but I would post it again.

Strava, you should really do something on separating (as by age, gender, wight,...) MTB and road bikes on segments. I know that there is dillemma where we should stop as there are so many different bike types, but hey, to be honest, actually there are only two main categories and you feat in one of them (or neither, that can be an option), so that segments would differ between MTB and road bike. Of course, segment is one for everyone, but one can be able to select segment, as for age or gender, regarding to the bike you are using comparing your ride with your peers using (at least) similar equipment.

There are so many segment used by both (so different) riders, that this could really be a good improvement. Actually this is the only thing I'm missing at this great application.

There is a similar post going on for more then two years and a lot of us think you should do it:! Pretty please ;).


best work Strava,





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