auto fill and/or text editing tools

It would be great to have an auto fill feature when you finish a ride and have to change the name from the default (Evening Ride, for example).  I do the same ride every other morning and have to delete the default "Morning Ride" and type the name of the ride every time.  Auto fill or something like that would be helpful.  


Likewise a text editing toolbar.  I keep hoping to see an upgrade that allows me to copy the name of one ride into the description of a new ride.  





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  • Related to this, why was the default naming changed from "xyz date, city, state" to "Evening Ride", "Morning Ride", "Morning Run", etc.? At least if you don't go in and change and give a unique name the date format and city/state allowed you to at least pinpoint when and where the activity was, but it would be all to easy to have fifty million "Afternoon Ride" activities for someone that doesn't change the name.

    It would be nice if there were an option to auto-fill or preselect what Strava uses when uploading an activity.

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