'Club Leader Board' customized dependent on the Primary sport in the club settings. (Rowing Clubs)

Currently your Club Leader Board only shows cycling, running and swimming.

Could please make the Club Leader Board so that it can be customized dependent on the club settings so different sports can be viewed. So when setting up a club three sports (or less) can be chosen for the sports that will be displayed in the Club Leader Board.

Specifically in my case Rowing as an option would be great as at the moment the leader board can not be used for a rowing club as it doesn't include the primary sport. This must be the case for other sports.

I don't expect Strava to diverge from the Running and Cycling as it's main stream sports, but a few customizable options would make this work really well for rowing clubs and I am sure other clubs.



  • Hi Richard,

    It may interest you to take a look at a project I have been working on: https://runsyncswim.com/

    You can set up your Strava Club, and then track daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even all time leaderboards, as well as other features, such as grouping athletes within a club into teams (great for workplaces with a club, but multiple internal teams).

    One of the best bits is simply that it doesn't matter how the club is set up on Strava, in terms of sports selections - on RunSyncSwim, you're not limited - and can set your club up to only cover 'Rowing' or any other single sport, or, you can mix and match, or even select every sport, and just see results for everything - from there, there are filter/sort features to break it down further.

    It's easy to set up a club, and the site will start tracking newer activities. If each club member authorizes the site/app - then it can get even more detail and start tracking historical activity much better too.

    The site provides single views for the leaderboard that show much more data than the default (limited) Strava Clubs features too.

    Let me know what you think!

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  • I shall try and have a look at this when I can.

    Many thanks for posting.

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  • This would indeed be useful for me as well. A big part of my offseson training for cycling is iceskating, nordiciceskating.

    It would be very nice and convenient if that would be displayed in strava clubs.

    I just created a strava club for iceskaters, but pretty useless if the main sport can't be selected..


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  • This is especially significant for club pages that are set up as 'other' such as a rowing club page. They are made for a specific sport so tracking the training in the sport will be significant for the club members. Currently Strava only includes in the clubs stats running, riding and swimming distances and duration.

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  • I am another proponent for getting Rowing at least as an option when setting up a club page, at present the rowing group I am in is unable to show rowing statistics!

    Come on Strava lets spread or wings a little and get some other sports included

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  • Totally yes! Would be great, if rowing (or other sports) could be added into the training diary or the leaderboards. Strava is perfect for rowing (and indoor rowing). It's a shame, you cannot use all tools for it.

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