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Please disable so called moving time. It makes all my runs completely useless. If my trail run took 1:51 hours I don't want Strava to magically cut it down to 1:45 or 1:43. It keeps doing that on every run. I don't stop on my runs, but it still doing that, every time! It makes every stat useless and you cannot compare and so on. Please please please, disable the moving time. I may just as well be using an egg clock as it would be more accurate than Strava.




  • I think the same.

    Please disable moving time!!!!!

  • Moving time might make sense for faster paced activities, like biking or even running.  But when it comes to hiking, there's a very small difference between moving and not moving from a satellite's perspective.  As a result, my published moving times and pace are regularly way embellished.  For example, on a recent 33 mile hike, my moving time was recorded at 9h11m which is a breakneck speed for a hike of that length and caused many of my followers to applaud in awe, and it was somewhat deflating to have to explain over and over that this was actually an inaccurate recording. Strava is otherwise a great app, but it has to present the data in an honest way and tell the real story. Thanks!

  • I find it inexcusable that there is no option to disable the moving time. I would love to use Strava but as it is now, it's not possible. Having it randomly shaving of minutes makes the whole application unusable.

  • Premium cancelled due to no option for moving time. Back to my old stat tracking site. Strava is better but I can't analyse my runs when it doesn't record my slow run up a steep hill!
  • This is bonkers.    Why complicate things?   Just tell me the difference between when I press start and stop.



  • Moving time DOES NOT WORK where I live - GPS is not perfect due to buildings and mountains. This is ruining all my stats.

  • Apparently Strava listens to ZERO of it's users. The post is over a year old and moving time is still alive and well. Not that Strava has introduced it Apple Watch 2 app it really has screwed things up. It has broke tethering and now my 45 min elapsed time with my run and plyo workout has turned in to 25 mins. I exported the GPX data and it shows 45 mins. I imported it into Runkeeper and it's fine. I then when to import it back and sure enough Strava uses some formula to screw things up. Actually my time is even less now. NOT HAPPY!!

  • For me too, completly wrong all runs .... Falsing all average speed on all runs ... weird

  • At the very least give the users an option to opt out of it. It is misleading for training purposes. Say if you are a beginner and are currently running/jogging/walking at intervals. A fix for it that I've resorted to is marking every run as a race which records the elapsed time correctly and the pace too (although, it reverts to the Moving Time weird pace in historical runs).

    I understand how it could be useful, but if I run and have to stop to do anything, I still see that as part of the run (unfortunately) and as I am trying to get better I think all those things are important to factor into my time. 

    I figured out the Race workaround after doing my first 10k. Being a beginner I started in the back and that meant I was among the walkers and joggers, and if you've been back there you know there's a lot of zig-zagging necessary (and yes, I walked too). When I was done with the race, Strava's time looked off, but when I set it to Race, voila all is accurate.

    So, now when I train, I set every run as a Race for accuracy. If everything is a race, nothing is a race!

    Help us out.

  • @David Mugunza, Thanks a million for posting that workaround. I've been frustrated at this for a while, and wish there was a tick box to say moving time = elapsed time. At least now I can do that by setting the activity as a race.

  • Would be awesome if users could have a setting to default to moving vs actual pace and time. Presumably some athletes want moving pace or else Strava wouldn't have it, though I really don't know why moving time is useful. When paces show on feeds or activities, there could just be a little "e" or "a" after it to indicate whether moving or actual pace. Like 8:00(m) or 9:04(a).

  • Race is working to get the howl time. Great idé

  • Can we please have an option to record actual time rather than moving time. Alternatively show both. Moving time is not a race recognised means of recording time. We need a time from start to finish. Please respond as we don't seem to have any reaction. 

  • Hey Strava, any progress on this issue????

  • Hey Folks, 

    Thanks for adding your feedback on Moving Time. While this isn't a permanent solution, you can tag your run as a 'race' and it will display Elapsed Time instead of Moving Time. 

    Cheers, Jess. 

  • Jess, changing to 'Race' is not a solution. Comparison to other runs (and other features) still use moving time. On top of that, the moving time is calculated wrong. I never stop on my trail runs and the moving time still missing many minutes.

  • No, please don't offer tagging runs as races just to fix the time! That is just silly and unacceptable! When I run an actual race I want my followers to see that. And I want races to look differently in the log and in the calendar. The search is broken so the only way to find my previous races quickly is to scroll through the calendar and look at the color of activities.

  • @Ron - It sounds like you may have potential GPS issues in your activity then. 

    @Stanislav - I know it's not ideal. Just trying to help in any way I can. 


  • @Jess, nothing wrong with my GPS. Also tried with four different ones.

    Strava just doesn't calculate things right. The algorithm is VERY BUGGY and shaves of many many minutes, making our runs look much much better that they really are. I have complained about this for many years and even got it confirmed from Strava employees and support people that it has this issue. I never stop and still a big chunk of the time is shaved off.

    Then comparing two different runs, both again without stopping, Strava shows the faster run as slower!! This because is randomly decided to shave off more minutes than the other run. Comparing runs is impossible with current Strava code. It like playing the lottery and any random run can be the fastest.

    How any person can use Strava for running is mysterious. Maybe it's on purpose to make us feel like we are running faster than what we really are? Use Strava and you runs will magically be 20% faster without any effort! You can put that in your advertisement..

    And again, setting to 'race'; doesn't fix any of this.

  • Just completed a 60km trail run in about 8:04 with only a few short stops along the way. Strava seems to think I was only moving for 7:21 perhaps sitting still for 30 mins then running really fast to make up that time for a really fast pace messing with the figures. 

    I would prefer an accurate representation of my effort than being lied to by a computer. Fix the calculation and/or allow users to disable it, race or not its my total effort that counts.  Walking up steep hills in an ultra may not register as "moving" as far as Strava is concerned but I would still like it to count and have accurate info.

    Importing the GPX file into Garmin's Basecamp gives a pretty accurate 7:51 so stop blaming GPS technology.




  • The problem is that Strava does not understand how to calculate moving time, so they just seem to make up random numbers.

    Has anyone tried switching the activity type using the SAME EXACT DATA? Say change HIKE to RUN or vice-versa?

    If you do so, you will discover that the moving time varies tremendously. In one activity I am focusing on right now, the difference is 14 minutes! Just from switching the ACTIVITY TYPE! Huh?

    Strava so far has been unable to explain why this happens despite much back and forth with what passes for support here.

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