Filter segment explorer by offroad/on road

When I'm looking for new places to ride on my mtb I often use the explorer and look for segments to find new tracks.

It would be great if we could filter out any segments on a road, so I could look and find all the off road tracks round my area. I'm not familiar with the best places to mtb around me so if I could see all the popular segments on a map I'd be set. As it is now it's hard to find off road segments without luck or vaguely having an idea of where some tracks might be.

Would also work well for road cyclists looking for segments so they could avoid all the offroad ones they can't complete.



  • I love this idea, can't believe nobody have commented on it before!

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  • Would love this option too!

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  • I go one step further and don't believe this hasn't been thought about by the devs … uninstalling

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