Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.




    Instagram post, should get some more people aware of the issue.

  • No more money for strava. Disappointing.

  • Hey Jess,

    Talk is cheap!

    Lets comment externaly, direct action!

  • What better place to let strava know of the issue than here? Added my bit....

  • It's really a shame that we still cannot see heart rate data from our Garmin HRM-TRI on Strava.

    I will not renew my summit / premium membership because of this.

  • This is so frustrating! I swim with the Garmin HRM Swim and the data shows up in Garmin Connect. Neither Strava nor TrainingPeaks process the information included in the packet. I say we nudge Garmin too.

  • This thread is under "New Feature Ideas" and it's NOT A NEW FEATURE. It's basic heart rate data. Does the right team know about this?

  • I just got the Coros Apex, it records HR on the wrist thus included in the main set of data, but of course not shown on strava. Yet again the question on why paying for summit when even the most basic stuff isn't working (not to mention the complete lack of tri support)

  • Wow, holy old feature request! I only just got the possibility to record HR while swimming myself, but this stuff have been around for years, and the data in the files synced are not exactly hocus pocus. Come on Strava!

  • Guys, I have a friend who works at Strava. I’ve been pushing him on this and also directed him to this thread to see the demand. They are working on has been confirmed. No updates beyond that nor a timeline, but I was heartened to at least hear they’re actually working on it.

  • Hi. Yes please could this feed be added, currently missing effort score and not getting fatigue data. So this is missing data from Strava premium.

  • Just FYI, if you manually export a TCX file from Garmin Connect, and upload THAT, it gives me the HR data (only visible in the mobile app, not on web). Though Strava then calculated my distance incorrectly, so....

  • was very surprised that Strava does not show swim HR, is it so hard or they simply don't care? please fix! I'm on premium and will not pay again if this important peace of functionality will not be present by subs end date!

  • Just FYI, if you manually export a TCX file from Garmin Connect, and upload THAT, it gives me the HR data (only visible in the mobile app, not on web). 

    Or you could simply use Garmin Connect which is free, works properly and provides good quality data. 

    is it so hard or they simply don't care?

    100% the latter.



  • There are some things that Garmin Connect does well, and some things that Strava does well. Neither is my system of record. But since this is the Strava support forum, we should keep the discussion to Strava. 

  • I'm paying for Summit, the one thing i signed up for was to track my fatigue and form as i tend to over train, whats the point if it doesn't include swimming? I'm a triathlete so one 1/3 of my fatigue will come from swimming (kind of anyway).  

    How do i get my money back? Not sure i read anywhere that Swimming was included in the charts etc.


  • This is so incredibly dumb. There's been plenty of money spent on useless updates to the platform, yet this simple fix has not been done in the 3+ years since the issue was raised. I've been paying for summit for the last 3 years, but since the only thing I can do now is swim (due to an injury), the Summit membership brings me absolutely nothing. So I cancelled my subscription.

  • Pool Swim - Polar H10 heart rate data uploads to Strava (from Polar Beat via Polar Flow).  Strava on my mobile then displays s simple heart rate graph (HR against minutes) under View Analysis but Strava on the desktop doesn't have the graph or any analysis. 

    Is this as expected? 

    Logged in with Strava Summit on both devices.



  • Jumping on to this very old post!!!!!! Been running and biking for awhile with FR935 and HRTRI with no real issues. Start finally swimming getting ready for a triathlon and using my HRTRI and NO FREAKING HR DATA for STRAVA- WTFFF. No suffer score etc. What the heck is paying a premium for Summit for if they can do something as simple as load up the HR data. This is freaking ridiculous. I normally dont bad mouth products but REALLY - NO HR DATA!!!! Strava come on, your software is literally for supporting triathletes!!

  • Jeff - it was actually originally developed for cyclists. Note that Triathlete is not an option as a default sport, nor is swimming. Just running and cycling. I think the answer is that if you aren't happy with Strava, to end your Summit subscription (as I have done). 

    In my testing with a Fenix 5 Plus and HRM-Swim, I have found that the auto-synced workouts now display my average heart rate in the Strava app on Android, if I export the TCX file from Garmin Connect, and upload it to Strava, then I get all of my heart rate data in the app on Android (but then Strava screws up the distance tally), and in no cases is that data viewable on web. The lack of feature parity between web and mobile are nuts. There are things that are in mobile and not web, and things in web that aren't in mobile. Product management at Strava is just all over the place. 

  • Reginald - agree it started as a cyclist and yes I am just irritated but I would say that strava literally has 3 main activities that is categorizes for activity logging - Bike, Run and Swimming. Seems like it would be easy enough fold in the swimming data to at least have the correct distance and HR for suffer score. My own experimenting with the FR935 is exactly as you described, I can choose between accurate distance and no HR data with auto Download or I can manually upload and get HR data and inaccurate distance - though the lap distance is always right... it doesnt make since. I am considering not continuing my annual subscription because of this. I like having all my bike rides and runs in one place but I can get the same (debatable if better) in garmin connect. That and strava doesnt allow editing distance for runs or bike rides - so I run a marathon and my gps says 25.5 miles at the end - it would be nice to change it to 26.2 and take credit for my actual run.

  • The only way this will eventually make it onto the Strava dev roadmap is if we keep asking for it... so PLEASE figure out a way to support HR with Garmin.  Also figure out how to get lap data to import for segments shorter than 400m b/c that not working is actually insane.

  • What's the latest on this?  No renewal for me without this feature.  I'll just leave everything in Garmin and not bother with Strava. 

    A workaround would be fine I don't mind export/import a file or something. 

  • Amazed that this has not yet been implemented!

  • Dear Strava,

    Skimmed through this thread ... 2 points really strike me:

    Seems like a quick fix.
    Still nothing after 3+ years of requests etc.

    Surely it would be good for business to incorporate - certainly wouldn't hurt right?

    An update/ time frame on this would help - but the fix itself would be awesome please!

  • Come on... It can't take this long for Strava to implement this...! What are you waiting for ? Everyone to give up their summit accounts ?!

  • Well my renewal just came up.  Cancelled and made it clear in the requested feedback as to why.  Funny thing is, I’ve now come to release that all the other paid for features in Strava are a bit useless to be honest, and I can get all I want from the free version (or from Garmin Connect).

    Nice little example as to how you can disrupt a customer who was happily paying his subscription month after month, for the sake of relatively straightforward development.

    I genuinely challenge each of you who have come and vented in this thread to just go ahead and cancel.  I don’t think you’ll miss what Summit offers.

  • Just adding to the chorus of discontent.  It's not bad enough that it doesn't pull the HR data from Garmin, but it actually displays a ridiculously unrealistic HR of 67.  I guess I'm superhuman.

  • @Richard Bacon, I wish that I could cancel for this, but I already cancelled when they got rid of the suffer score. I don't think Strava understands where they are in the market. They seem to want to be a serious platform for training, but I don't think they are that. They're a fun social platform. Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, etc. These are the serious training platforms. Strava is a sporty social network. The Suffer Score was fun and cheeky. The "Relative Effort" is a worse metric than the similar ones that I have on other platforms. 

  • I have just bought a garmin swim HRM just so I will not my lose my fitness / fatigue / relative effort for my swims. Very disappointed to find that the transfer of heart rate data for swims is a long standing issue with Strava. After a few experiments I found I can export to TCX from garmin connect, delete the automatically uploaded swim and replace it by importing the TCX and it does give me the relative effort score. No other detailed heart rate data. Fine - it is the bare minimum I require so will suffice but it is totally rubbish I have to mess about like this on what should be a seamless data transfer.

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