Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



  • "Why is heart rate information missing from my swim? We do not yet show heart rate data on swim activities."

    WHY? This cannot be so difficult given that most activities can show HRM data (if recorded)

  • Seems like the quantifing effort should now also include swimming. Haven't tried it yet but lets hope.

  • I agree, please Strava and Garmin. Hear our requests and see if you can incorporate the swim heart rate data.

  • Just found this due to lack of HR for swims, using 920XT and swim HRM.

    First raised November 12, 2015 12:26, still not sorted by April 24, 2018. 


    Premium membership being cancelled.

  • Well, I might as well add my two pence! Yep, had my 735xt for a while, decided to buy a HRM-Tri and was shocked to find my heart rate data transfer to Strava. I was more disappointed especially as Strava has introduced its Relative Effort feature, and now my swim data is effectively useless. But I’m not certain who is to blame, is it Strava for not figuring out how to decode Garmin’s data? Or is it Garmin for not making the devices consumers want?

    It’s unlikely this will make me ditch Strava because the community of encouragement and competition is addictive. But it’ll make me think twice when it comes to upgrading devices. I’ll look into it in a little more detail.

  • I'm not trying to rub salt into this wound, but I think this is primarily a Garmin problem.  Although it's tough to verify, it appears that the Apple Watch series 3 with optical sensor can also upload swim heart rate to Strava. Garmin uses a different method from both Polar and Apple for tracking heart rate underwater.  Garmin's post swim HRM file merging technique appears to be the issue.  Maybe Strava wants to preserve data integrity?  Just a guess.

  • So now we have Relative Effort and are advised on the info page that HRM's can be used for swimming - I use my Garmin Swim & 920XT every swim and still have no sign of it in Strava...


    DISAPPOINTING BEYOND BELIEF...  Sort it out Strava, it's gone on long enough now...

  • fenix3 - I just got my Garmin HRM-swim/HRM-tri and am disappointed that the information does not sync with Strava.  Much sad face.

  • I have a Garmin watch with chest-strap HRM. As this thread has explained, if I let Strava automatically import the swim from Garmin, the heart rate data isn't included, and therefore the suffer score / relative effort isn't calculated. The workaround is to delete the automatically imported activity from Strava, and in Garmin Connect export the TCX file and import that file into Strava manually. The heart rate data will be included.

  • Travis - 

    I spoke to Strava support about this and that was the workaround we used, but we also had an issue with it — when the TCX file was uploaded the HR data was there, but the distance was cropped slightly. They’re still working on getting heart rate from the FIT file. 

  • For those using the TCX upload workaround: Does this work with pool sessions or are we talking open water for the workaround?

  • Christian D - the TCX upload works with pool sessions with my HRM-Swim

  • I use the Garmin Forerunner 735XT, which is 'compatible' with Strava, but indeed no heart rate data is transferred to Strava. As far as I'm concerned that is no real compatibility. It would be nice if this could be fixed.

  • The TCX upload workaround also works with pool sessions, but why the h... can't Strava fix this issue?

  • Christian - it works for pool swims, but crops the distance (not sure why) and calculates pace for the entire workout duration, not just for moving time. 

  • Normally this level of being ignored is reserved for non-triathlon activities. The fact that they still can't sort this out is depressing. 

    I really like this service, and the social aspect of it is the main reason I stay. Having said that, Strava is WAY behind their competition now in terms of being useful for actually training for triathlons. And the bummer is that they don't seem to care.

  • TCX 'workaround' doesn't work. Did a pool swim this week, my FR935 auto-uploaded it to strava.

    Deleted it from strava, tried to import the TCX file - got an error saying the activity already existed, despite having been deleted and no longer showing in my history.


    1. Deleting an activity still retains an record in the d/b somewhere. Caching issue at d/b level?

    2. The workaround may work only if you prevent the activity being created in the first instance. In my case, turn off wifi upload solely for one activity type? 

    3. Strava appears to be a platform built for runners and cyclists, but doesn't want to cater for triathletes.

    Great work guys, that's my subscription cancelled. Moving back to Garmin Connect for activity review, the social side may not be as well developed but the GCM app makes Strava look amateur at best.

  • I posted on here near the beginning of the year and have kept an eye on it in the hope it would get fixed. I spoke to Strava support by email and they said they’re looking into it but they’re a small team with a lot to do. It seems to me that they’ve made lots of progress in other areas like posts and adverts (which I think detract from the app). I’ve completely switched to Training Peaks for my training because that takes swimming into account and won’t renew my Premium membership and will use the free version of Strava for the social side.

  • PS even if there is a workaround I’m not interested.

  • is this ever going to happen????

  • Hi, A lot of your customers are triathletes.  Swimming is a key part of triathlon!  The new fitness modelling is great BUT for a triathlete it needs swimming to be added.  I can add gym work or skiing or walking but not swimming.  Weird planning STRAVA.

  • Please add Swim HR data!

  • I have a 735XT and just had a go at the workaround, it kind of works....
    I found that you have to rename and save the original file before deleting it from Strava (eg call it afternoon swim.1 ) that way you do not get the annoying problem of Strava saying the file already exists when you go to reload the .TCX from Garmin.

    The relative effort and heart rate worked, although the rest of the analysis it’s still very clunky.
    The distance was reduced by 25m and the pace was slower.

    Pretty poor that Strava admin has not sorted this yet, or at least properly explained the issue, especially since this is meant to be a feature included in premium.

  • +1

  • Would be great to have the suffer score calculation for swim activities with Garmin

  • Please add this feature I’m ready to cancel premium

  • +1
    Calculation for Suffer Score by Swimming with Polar.

  • Ya. I will never purchase premium again unless they fix this. I don't believe it is Garmin as Strava will import my bike and run heart rate data. Just something stupid

  • Just canceled my Premium membership

  • Just purchased a Garmin Swim HRM. Works great. Data was available on Garmin Connect as expected. Went to Strava and didn't see my HR data. Very disappointed. Then I found this thread!! I cant believe this has been so difficult for Strava to fix. Very disappointing. Come on Strava. You must be able to fix this quickly. No kudos for you.

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