Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



  • I have always done cycling with no problems, until I started swimming and purchased a Garmin Forerunner and a HRM-Swim bundle, as I finished the swim & would of thought that the HRM data would of uploaded too as the data gets transferred from the HRM to the watch syncing, then upload to Starva, But no and I found this thread, OMG Strava get your FRICKING act together guys as this should be a simple fix, maybe liaise with Garmin? What are the alternatives as I just speng 399 for the watch and 90 for the HRM Swim?

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  • Strava - it’s misleading to suggest to people that they need to buy a heart rate monitor to sync their heart rates in swimming activities. Until this issue can be sorted out (hopefully before the turn of the century), please stop suggesting to people to buy a swim HR monitor. It’s misleading.

  • Lol at all the people thinking strava actually read this.

    It's clear they don't, and it's clear they couldn't give a monkey's about swimmers or triathletes.

    Easiest thing to do is revoke your premium subscription, use the free service if you want the social side, and use a proper tool such as garmin connect, trainingpeaks etc. to get access to proper data.

  • I’m unsure why strava can’t sync all the data from .fit files like it does for other activities. In particular my HR data. The swim activity even has a link to purchasing HRMs but won’t display the data when you already have one.
    Can someone from strava let me know if they’re doing anything to enable HR data for swims. Is there a setting I’ve missed maybe?


  • Unglaublich, dass das Thema immer noch nicht gelöst ist!

    Ich mag Strava ja eigentlich weil herstellerübergreifend und über die Social-Network Aspekte auch motivierend, aber das kann echt nicht sein...

  • Equally disappointed to discover this after buying a Garmin HRM-Swim.  Like many others need to reflect on this when my Summit renewal comes up...

  • Strava doesn't care about Triathletes. They want us on Instagram and Facebook, but when it comes to the actual data they couldn't be bothered. It's a bummer but this site is 90% social network now and only 10% fitness tracker.

  • Another here who bought a garmin HR Swim because of the suggestion from Strava to get one to see data, and for it to work with fitness and freshness. I won't be continuing my premium subscription after this BS.

  • 250 comments since the original post in November 2015 and in ALL THAT TIME the strava team have not addressed or even seemed to think about addressing the problem.
    It’d be nice to hear an update from the developers so that this ‘support’ forum can know what’s going on.

  • I totally agree! Time to give us some answers @strava!

  • Bumping the issue, come on Strava!!

  • My current ticket with Strava;

    I’ve gone and bought a HR monitor especially for swimming at the suggestion from Strava themselves. After doing a swim workout and seeing HR data in Garmin, it does not transfer to Strava! This is making the paid for services on Strava like Fitness & Fatigue difficult to use effectively and pointless. Why suggest people buy something when you don’t support the very thing its for?


    Thanks for reaching out and sorry for any confusion. We are only able to process heart rate data for Relative Effort on outdoor GPS based swim activities, and since your swims are indoors (without any GPS data) we are unable to process the heart rate data. Sorry for any inconvenience and let me know if you have any questions. 

    My reply; Unsatisfactory, It was a cop out response. Why should it matter about GPS location to calculate fitness and fatigue, when you already know the distance, heart rate and time spent exercising? Poor excuse and poor customer service. Shame on you Strava; it wouldnt take your tech team long to implement this and there are plenty of people asking for the same thing. Or at least... STOP RECOMMENDING PEOPLE BUY A HEART RATE DEVICE!


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  • unbelievable that this still isn't working yet

  • one eternity later... still no update...

    I only see the avg rate in the android app. When I tap on it - it says I should get a HR monitor to see the data. No HR data on the online version..


  • They have time to blog about swimming, but not enough time to implement a 400-upvote support request. Boo.

  • Nice post JimmyRL.  Strava is not being truthful about swim HR data for open water.  It does NOT work.  At all.  I have a Garmin Fenix that works great for open water swimming.  I, like most people on this post, purchased a swimming HRM (I have the Garmin Swim) to see my swimming HR data.  Works great in Garmin Connect but nothing on Strava.  If Garmin can do it why can’t you Strava.  

    The most frustrating thing is you mislead customers into buying a HR monitor after they have posted a swim activity.  

    Ive been receiving updates on the thread for almost 18 months now.  Sad to see it’s still unresolved.  

  • This is ridiculous. Fix the problem, it’s not that difficult. Considering canceling my premium as well.

  • I'm a runner but I do swim once a week. I went premium for the Effort calculation and guess what? I have a Garmin FR 935 and, like everyone else, HR data is not shown on Strava, therefore no Effort.
    This makes managing the weekly Effort ineffective, despites Strava advertising that it can be used across all sports. I think it's a misleading statement. I use the HRV4Training app with Strava and of course the weekly effort and training load management does not take into account the swim activities. Of course Garmin Connect and SportTracks (which only costs $59/year and is so much better) display the HR data without issues.

    This is all already unacceptable, but the worst part is that the other day I got an ad in the activity feed about Strava and MySwimPro app and how good they can sync together. Is Strava claiming that if I upload the activity through MySwimPro and not Garmin will I be able to get my HR data? Or is Strava continuing to mislead customers by advertising false statements?

  • I'm going to jump in here and my voice to the many people complaining about this not being implemented yet.

    I cannot believe that the swimming metrics in Strava are so lacking.

    I've purchased a Garmin 735XT watch and Garmin HR Swim heart strap specifically to be able record swim data properly and accurately, including HR, which is very important.

    I use a Garmin Edge 520 for my cycling and Strava imports all my cycling data perfectly.

    I fully expected Strava to import ALL of the swimming metrics that my 735XT collects too, without issue.

    I just assumed it would, it didn't even occur to me that it wouldn't ... because that would just be a ridiculous notion in 2019 ... right?

    And yet, here we are, in 2019, and Strava STILL doesn't import swim data properly and doesn't even attempt to import HR data for indoor swims.

    I've been a faithful Strava customer for several years and I still like the platform, but I too am losing patience with them because of these missing features.

    Strava is not only a social media platform, it has also become the ubiquitous common platform that imports training data from may other platforms, and that is a big part of what makes it attractive to premium level users.

    In my case, my road cycling and swimming data is imported from Garmin Connect BUT my indoor Wattbike training sessions are NOT imported from there, they are imported from Wattbike Hub.

    Which means that Strava is the only platform that currently has all of my training data. Garmin Connect does not, it's missing the Wattbike sessions.

    The problem is, for me to use Strava to do a holistic analysis of my training, I need ALL of the metrics for ALL of the different kinds of training to be imported.

    It doesn't work as a unifying platform if certain activities are missing key information like HR data.

    And what I really cannot fathom (pun intended) is that swimming is one of the 3 key types of activities (swimming, running, cycling) you typically see, it's not like it's some obscure sport that hardly anybody participates in, so it really should be getting more attention on Strava than it does currently.

  • I suggest everyone flood any Strava social media feed (not offensive or spam) and ask when will they address the issue. Tell the world they are telling you to buy something that is basically a scam.

  • It is ridiculous that they haven’t fixed this yet!

  • +1 Please add heart rate data to swim workouts! ASAP!

  • Basically it is time to stop giving Strava any more of your time and money. I quit premium a while ago and would not come back. Hit them where it hurts most....... Profits!

  • Jimmy, excellent idea - I've left 2 comments on Facebook this morning... Let's bombard them, especially as they have a blog post about swimming.  If they get poor comments on their public facing sites then it may just spur them into doing something about it...

  • Here's a start @Jimmy RL

    , come on.. can you please provide some insight here.. I'm also one of the many users who bought into your marketing of purchasing a HRM for swimming purposes, yet you don't support the data.. ?!"

  • Hey folks, 

    Dropping by to let you know that I don't have any updates for you, unfortunately. Also, I review the Facebook comments so I'm aware of the request for heart rate data on swim activities. I understand your frustration. I've passed along your comments and sentiments to the appropriate team members at Strava. Once I have an update or status, I will most definitely let you all know. 

    Thanks for hanging in there! 

  • At this point the only way to Get Strava to Address this is for someone to draft a letter with the names of all of us who Have agreed to Simultaneously cancel our Strava Premium Subscription on X date if this is not resolved by determined X date. 


    Who ever wants to draft the letter include my name Gregory J Santollo Email

    I would do it but I am simply not articulate enough. 

    I will say I think we should give them 4 weeks to solve the issue, as I understand it does involve a bit of a build out. 

  • DCR Rainmaker posted a swim yesterday using a Garmin with heart rate data so I asked him about it in the comments section and he was kind enough to reply.

    The activity was originally recorded as a run and then relabelled as a swim hence why the hr data came through to Strava. Again he confirmed his understanding of why the issue persists, and perhaps his thoughts depending on how you read emojis.

    I asked him to pass on this strand to anyone who might have some influence also.


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