New Yearly Total century rides challenge please

The Strava challenge team suggested putting my idea here.

To recreate the great century rides challenge of 1911 by Cycling magazine which led to the Yearly endurance record, it would be great if strava could offer achievements based on the amount of century rides.

The MTS monthly events have been fun for the past two years, but are now getting tired, and we need higher goals. How about a new Monthly and Yearly total based on how many centuries Strava riders can do each day. I think this could evolve into a truly epic challenge and inspire people for charity events too.

Until Strava take this on board we are tying to get it going for 2016, please join our club for 2016 and test yourself.




  • I can't see me winning this challenge, but it surely deserves a place in the Strava Challenge list each month.


    Go on, get it included - you know you want to...



  • This is a bloody brilliant idea! Just getting on the score board will keep me happy as I mainly ride off-road!

  • I doubt I'd manage more than a couple per year based on my current calendar but I'd definitely have a go if it got me virtual Strava trophies. +1 to this suggestion please Strava!

  • great idea


  • This is the Kind of epic Event and unsupported "race" today's riders appreciate. Please Strava, make it happen?

  • I have my own personal century challenge going for 2016 - at least one imperial (100 miles) and also one metric (100km) per month.  It's administered in my head ;)

    Sounds like a great idea, but you need to be specific that you're just talking about imperial centuries.  I'll be joining your club for 2016!

    I think there's a typo in your post above.  "How many centuries Strava riders can do each day"   Each day?  Personally speaking, I'm limited to one or ... at an extreme stretch ... two per day.

  • Would love to see this as a challenge on Strava!

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