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We would like to use your club features to organize and track activities for our city-wide nordic ski group.  But the limit on clubs to only running, biking, and other is problematic, particularly because our members engage in a variety of activities other than just nordic skiing.  Please consider allowing clubs to select any of the activity categories your support.  (Multiple categories might even be handy, and Other is still useful for folks who want to share everything.)

Additionally, we would love to see any easy option for manually excluding a given activity from sharing with a group.  With this, people would feel they had more control over what they shared, and the group would see postings of activities that were more filtered so as to be more meaningful to that group.



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    Thanks everyone, this request aligns well with our goal of better support for all activities on Strava in 2018. I'll do my best to see that this get the attention of the product team. 

    In the meantime, there is a related discussion here, Clubs for "other" Activities

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  • Agree. I have noticed that the 'Park Run' (verified) clubs only show your running activity for athlete members, even though i have multiple sport activities. Unlike my other club membership which shows all activities by its members.

    How is this possible? 

  • Hi Guys,

    It may interest you to take a look at a project I have been working on:

    You can set up your Strava Club, and then track daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even all time leaderboards, as well as other features, such as grouping athletes within a club into teams (great for workplaces with a club, but multiple internal teams).

    One of the best bits is simply that it doesn't matter how the club is set up on Strava, in terms of sports selections - on RunSyncSwim, you're not limited - and can set your club up to only cover 'Skiing' or 'Walking', or, you can select every sport, and just see results for everything - from there, there are filter/sort features to break it down further.

    It's easy to set up a club, and the site will start tracking newer activities. If each club member authorizes the site/app - then it can get even more detail and start tracking historical activity much better too.

    The site provides single views for the leaderboard that show much more data than the default (limited) Strava Clubs features too.

    Let me know what you think!

  • Yes, having the feature to select which activity your club is would be great! Right now we are saying or nordic ski club is a biking club. Problem is many of us bike so real bike rides are being totaled with with the nordic skis activities labeled as bike rides. Plus our nordic skis are falsely putting us on biking segment leaderboards.

  • Please allow specific activity types for clubs including nordic skiing.

  • I agree with DD.  We are in the same situation here in MT.  We are running a nordic challenge and using the biking function.  

  • Hi Warren,

    I joined up on runsyncswim.  I'm pretty stuck on this page here,  Is there anything else I need to do?

    Do I just get everyone from the bad wax 500 club to join runsyncswim and I'll have more options?



  • Warren -

    I second Shaun's question.  Your system sounds interesting, but it's not intuitive to me how it works.  Is it fully functioning yet?

  • Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for signing up!

    So, you've created the club, and now have access at

    The problem you now have, however, is that you've listed Nordic Ski as your only sport. This is good, because you have a Nordic Ski group.. but from what I can see on you strava club page here:

    All of your clubs' activities are being uploaded as Rides - so they won't show up on your RunSyncSwim page.

    Note - it may be better to change your Strava Club type from a 'cycling' club to a 'triathlon' club. It seems that Strava will only show up cycling events in your activity list because you're a cycling club. I know it worked for us switching to a triathlon club - we get events of every type showing up in our feed, and RunSyncSwim can handle them all perfectly fine.

    This is good learning for me - probably something I need to flag in the club set up procedure.

    Having everyone 'authorise' the app will also make it easier for me - because I can get activities directly from athletes, instead of just through the club feed (which is more limited). Good to see you've had quite a few signups already! For accuracy, I'd recommend going back and changing past activities to Nordic Skiing instead of Cycling, and hopefully after the next import or so, they should begin showing up properly.

    Please let me know if you have any additional feedback, feature requests, etc, etc - I can also be contacted at to make things quicker/easier to get a response.


  • Ant progress on this? Many of us are altering our cycling/running habits as the winter approaches and would like to use clubs to keep us motivated and accountable with our friends who opt for the nordic skis or other activities...

  • A Nordic ski club like ours in Traverse City, Michigan [] should have the ability to select sports { "Nordic Ski", "Roller Ski", "Backcountry Ski" } as its Leader Board sports. 

  • I wonder if there would be a chance of having pure strength clubs on strava. I do cycling but being working out in my homegym, more often in the winter time, for staying in good shape, and for more pedal power.

    For now i put it under "strenghttraining" tab, but don't know if this is just related to endurance sport. There is no real club on strava to join in. There are cyclist, runners ( like sprinters) working out with weights, to develope specific strength and musclemass. So you could share your traing logs specificly in different clubs .

    Or much easier, just put an additional tab under weightlifting, or gym 



  • This request from users to allow multiple types of clubs has now been open for years!!
    The official feedback line:
    Thanks everyone, this request aligns well with our goal of better support for all activities on Strava in 2018. I'll do my best to see that this get the attention of the product team. 

    Has there been any update at all in the last year???


  • I agree with Kevin, this is a long overdue feature after the work on summit hopefully there’s now time to make these very necessary features possible, otherwise your going to be beaten by apple by the flip of a coin when they decide to social platform apple health and instantly have more active users and a more secure service. Strava is the best social training platform so keep it that way don’t loose it all just because of sloppy feature design 

  • We would also like to be able to add kilometers as a trek activity in our club.

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