Route Builder based on segments.

I would like to see a feature where routes can be built automatically by linking segments together.

If for example I wanted to visit a new riding location and there were 10 notable climbs in the area that I'd like to do to make the most of my trip, it would be great to be able to copy the links to these segments into a route builder and have it planned around that.

  • Edit start and end points of route
  • Use segment links to build route automatically (or the ability to bookmark a segment to use in a route)
  • Change the order/delete segments and see how this affects the route in realtime on the map
  • Add stop offs that aren't segments i.e cafes or points of interest
  • Flexible addition of waypoints using a segment or postcode

I use the route builder regularly and I love how it helps me get the most out of my cycling trips, these features would really take it to the next level for me.




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