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What kind of information is available through Pebble notifications?

The description of the "Pebble Notifications" option ( states:

"Enable Pebble notifications if applicable, and Audio Notifications for Real Time Segments"

Is this just the basic notifications (new follower, new comment, lost KOM etc)? Does it include anything for displaying your current speed or hr?



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    Hello everyone, we are ending support for the Pebble watch. You can read more here.

  • Hey Ben, right now on Android it is just the basics notifications + RTS Segment completion times. I hope to get a Strava Labs build with the current speed, distance & time out shortly.


  • Excellent, I'll keep an eye out. Any chance heart rate could be included?
  • Ben,

    The Sports API only allows us 3 fields and right now we show Pace, Distance & Time. That being said, HR would be nice and there are some options. If I say 'maybe' is that fair? 

    btw, the build be out later today. Will link here.

  • Hi Mateo,

    'Maybe' is good, and I'm extremely happy to hear that you're already working on this kind of integration. If it will sway you in any way, my argument for choosing HR over one of the other fields:

    I have a Zephyr heart rate monitor that integrates directly with Strava, which is very good for post-ride analysis. During a ride my phone lives in my phone/pocket, so I can't see what my current heart rate is. Despite having an active HRM, I still end up having to guess/feel what zone I am in. If I could see that on my Pebble, my HRM becomes far more useful and HR is of much greater interest than the more trivial statistic of Time.

    As I said, I'm very excited that more information is coming, and look forward to your Labs build. Thanks again!


  • Here you go. Please let me know how it goes.

  • That's fantastic, thanks!

    Out of curiosity, what is the chance of this making it into the product? 

  • Honestly, it depends on how it goes. If all is well it will graduate from Labs into the Play version. Along the way we do reserve the right to do major overhauls and/or pull it. It's gotta be right.

    btw, it works for Cycling just fine but the Labs build defaults to Run.

  • Current speed, distance and time would be phenomenal.  Hope this makes it all the way to the Play version.




  • It would be awesome if you could share this data on the device in real-time via Broadcast Intent (or whatever other mechanism you deem fit) so that we could, for example, write a Canvas plugin ( to choose which fields to display and design our own Pebble screens (I'm the developer of Canvas, so maybe a biased request ;))

    This would also allow other external devices which you don't directly support to access the data in real-time.


  • Any chance this may be added to the iPhone?
  • Just got my Pebble for Christmas. I was going to use RunKeeper until I saw this post. I installed the Labs version and it works fine in my quick test running around the back yard. Mateo you said it works for cycling but defaults to run - the interfaces shows cycling related words like Record Ride and at the end of the session the session type is Ride, but during the session it displays pace rather than speed and pause/resume audio announcements say pausing/resuming run. So its a bit of a mix of both. Just an observation. I understand this is a development version so I have no problem with how it operates right now. I'm just excited that I'll be able to use my Pebble directly with Strava. Any chance you could upload a similar development release with speed instead of pace? I don't mind having a few different Stravas installed.

    Keep up the great work and I hope to see Pebble integration in the production version in the near future!


  • Tried using the Labs version (latest download) today on a ride. It displayed time/distance/pace for a while (about 14 minutes) then stopped updating. Strava was still running, the Pebble was still connected, Bluetooth was still on but no further screen updates. I tried shutting down and restarting the Pebble. No change. Tried exiting and restarting Strava. No change. Tried rebooting the phone. No change. Then I disabled Pebble notifications in strava, exited, went back in and turned it on again, then started Strava again and I started getting screen updates. Again 13-14 minutes later it stopped updating. So then I left it and finished my ride. Interestingly I got one more update 13 minutes after the previous one. Then nothing for the rest of the ride.

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy SII running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 baseband I9100XXLS9

    I hope you find this feedback helpful.


  • As Ben has said above, I would really love to have real time heart rate information which can't be gained from a phone in my pocket.  Is there any progress in making this possible with a pebble?


    Alternatively, is it possible to have to have an audible alarm that sounds from the phone when the heart-rate passes a preset limit, much like what my Garmin 705 does?

  • Look forward to seeing Pebble integration in the iPhone cycling app. The ability for the user to control a display element as with Runkeeper (primary display) would be great.
  • Sorry for the delay, took a little time off.

    @David I've noticed a similar thing with an S3 Mini, going to check with Pebble and see what they say about it.

    @NEil It's the #1 feature request for a deeper Strava integration.

  • Sorry in advance for the stupid question, but how do I access the Labs version?  Or do I need some kind of developer license to access those apps?


  • Nothing special, you just click on the APK and install from this link

    . You may have to enabled "Unknown Sources" in the settings, but a quick google search on 'sideload apk android' can help with that.

  • Would definitely like to see current speed/pace rather than average speed/pace. On a ride I can check the average speed later but I want to know my current speed *now*.

  • I would love to see this on iPhone as well.
  • Incredible App, i dont know why strava is not launching this officialy... they are losing tons of users....

  • From my point of view (user) it would be nice have in screen: Current speed/ Time/ distance (in order of importance) and then to can program the bottons for certain actions....that would be the ideal concept for me to work together with the  strava ecosistem...


    This is a nice layout:


    Just my 2  cents... THX FOR THE DEVELOPMENT!

  • Quick update. A cleaned up version of Sports API as exists in this Labs build will go into the next Play build. Showing things like HR and/or cadence and/or power,get a little more interesting with BLE. Hopefully we can circle back when it's available (no promises). iOS & Custom Pebble Layouts are in the wait & see category. Hopefully we'll get good feedback from the Android version to help make those happen.

  • That's progress.  Thanks for all your work on this!  

  • Why is it that the pebble shows strange characters in the pace field? Something like a box with a cross through it? Are you using symbols the pebble can't display? Also, would it be possible to have the pebble display reflect the data on the record-a-ride screen? If I long-press the pace field, it changes to avg. speed in mph. Would it be possibe to switch to that on the pebble?

  • @David those boxes are a bug that has been fixed. Once BLE support goes Strava Labs (soon) you will see an update to your app and notice those characters gone.

    For the hidden pace/speed switch the pebble won't support it but it also won't need to.  The Run app will show pace on the Pebble and the Cycling app will show speed.

  • @Mateo That sounds like great news. Is there a labs version that has already incorporated these changes? Also, is there a labs version of the cycling app? The one I downloaded seems to be for running. 

    I have one more suggestion. Would it be possible to start the pebble integration when one enters the record-a-ride screen, rather than once one presses start? That way, it would be possible to start the recording from the watch. As it is now, you have to press start and pause right away, and then start it from the watch again. (It's a minor hassle, but if changing it has no other disadvantages, that would be nice).

    Thanks for your work on this.

  • I just found 2 issues with the current Strava Labs app.

    1) even though the app is set as metric units the pebble watch is showing imperial units.

    2) in portuguese it shows record a ride instead of record a run.

  • Just wanted to express my appreciation and excitement for the Labs functionality.  Looking forward to it making it into the standard Android App.

  • Thanks for the reminder, Pebble support has made it past Labs to Early Access. The Play version is next. Woot! <--worth checking out just to see the new Feed.

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