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What kind of information is available through Pebble notifications?

The description of the "Pebble Notifications" option ( states:

"Enable Pebble notifications if applicable, and Audio Notifications for Real Time Segments"

Is this just the basic notifications (new follower, new comment, lost KOM etc)? Does it include anything for displaying your current speed or hr?



  • Is there a way to get updated Early Access apks?


  • It should prompt for an update when there is a newer version available. Otherwise you can always check the link above.

  • @Mateo: Thanks for this, this already works a lot better. Do you guys want feedback on this? Is there a bug tracker for the EA version? There seem to be a few issues with location access.

  • @Mateo & team: just upgraded my pebble and went on a ride and was pleasantly surprised to see my strava info automatically pop up. A+ feature, really appreciate these types of surprises. Now we just need stable BTLE support ;)

  • @David apologies for missing this. What issues are you seeing?

    @Corey Woot!

    Also, for anybody reading the Pebble stuff that was in EA is in 4.0, please try it out.

  • Hi Mateo,

    I updated to the latest EA (About says 4.0.0) and went for a ride today. I got the same thing happening that I reported on Dec 27, 2013. Screen updates stopped after 9 minutes. I'm still using the same hardware / OS version.

    Is there something I can do to help debug this issue? Happy to install a custom EA with extra logging or something.

    Thanks for all the work on Pebble support :)



  • Oh and I have also upgraded Pebble firmware to 2.0.1.

  • I would consider using AeroTracker or AeroTrackerPro from AeroTracker is free Pebble watch app, and you can use it along with the Strava app on your phone. It shows the run time, distance, speed, pace and splits, and you can change your view while on the run.

  • Hi guys, just started using Strava (i was tracking using Sprts Tracer since 2007) and seen the Pebble support. I see it has been integrated into the production release. 
    Hi, I've used it with my Pebble a few times now, and i observe the same difficulties David Witham has seen i.e. Pebble watch sports app displays the data, then stops after approx +-10 minutes. It was working well for a run, with pausing the track when needed, then resuming, but on the last 3 workouts, Pebble display stopped at around 10 mins.
    - Android 4.4.2
    - Pebble v2.0.1.4
    - Strava 4.0.0 (Current Google Play release).

    Just my experiences here.


  • Wanted to chip in my 2c on this: I have seen a few issues with the Sports API display:

    • Time and distance work fine as far as I can see (this was not stable a two weeks ago), also starting/stopping the ride
    • No speed information, albeit with the right units (metric in my case) - I am assuming this is due to the phone being on standby and not getting speed updates.
    • The "no more updates after 10 or so minutes" did not happen, but I figure it is due to the standby handling as for the speed (see above)
    • I am in the middle of a "to work and back" ride today and paused my ride. I am curious to see whether the Sports API will pop up when I start up again.

    Setup Info: Strava current Google Play release, Pebble firmware 2.0.2/app 2.0.14, Galaxy Note II (stock android 4.3)

  • Hi, I have an issue where if I go to change a music track from my pebble I can't get my strava screen back at all. Also the speed says the same after around 10 Mins. 

  • Sorry for the trouble Terry - We've heard of some similar issues from our users but are yet unable to pin down the problem. Can you check that you're running the latest software and app versions for the devices? 

  • Quick update, the Pebble w/RTS support launched in the official version a while ago. Any Labs versions are out of date and should probably be uninstalled.

  • Any chance of a full Pebble app that would allow starting, stopping, and saving of Strava activities (Basically just controlling Strava on the phone)?

  • Hi Support,

    I'm keen to help track down the 10 min freeze issue. Anything I can do to help? Maybe a labs version with extra logging or something? I'm running Android 4.1.2 on a Samsung Galaxy SII baseband version I9100XXLS9.



  • Thanks David! Try updating your firmware & app and hopefully it addresses it. Hopefully, this time it will fix the issue! 
  • Just a comment about the current Pebble integration.

    Currently it will not open the pebble sports display until you actually start recording. It would be a lot better if it could open the sports display when you open the recording page in the app and then let the user start the recording by pressing the play/pause button on the pebble. Other apps do this, and it is very convinient to start the app, put it away in my pocket, do other stuff and then when I start my ride I just press a button on my watch to start recording my session. This would be a very small change I guess, but would improve the experience quite a bit.

  • My last ride I noticed that the speed that was shown on my watch is the average speed for the whole ride so far, I would assume this to be my current speed. Is this by design or by accident?

  • Hi Mattias, by design we show average speed. Thanks! 

  • Following on from Mattias' last question, is there any plans to have an option to choose average or current speed? I don't know about other users but I'm far less likely to use Strava with my Pebble if it doesn't show current speed. I'd use another app that shows current speed. Is there a technical reason why current speed can't be shown?

  • @Elle, the reason I asked was that the first post by Mateo A. Ortega says that he intended to show the current speed, but at least it works as intended. However, I'm doing mountain biking, but to get to the trail I first have a bit of road biking. So by the time I get to the trail, the average speed is not useful at all, it says absolutely nothing about my performance on the trail. And for MTB that has quite different sections, some are faster and some have very much rock climbing aso, then I feel that in general the average speed is not really interesting at all. It would still be interesting to be able to have the current speed (or possibly the average speed for the 1-2 minutes, since you don't have time to watch your speed on a really tricky section but still might be fun to see it when you get to the end of that section). 

    Average speed only makes sense if you have a ride which is very similar from start to end, which I can't say is true for my MTB rides. So maybe an option or select behavior?

    Also, it would be interesting to hear what you think of my suggested changes to let the user use the pebble to start the ride, by activating the Pebble sports app when the record screen is activated.

  • For those wanting to see current speed/pace on their Pebble, I would recommend AeroTrackerPro (Android). With AeroTrackerPro you can show time, distance, current and average speed/pace, split time per km, split speed/pace last minute, elevation, and heart rate (with Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor). And you can configure what you'd like to see at any time, even in the middle of the run/ride.

    And after you're finished, you can sync the track directly to Strava. So there's no need to look for a different service.

    Have a look here:

  • IMHO, Strava just needs a dedicated Pebble App. It's hopping on the back of the "Sports App" built into Pebble firmware.
    It's very basic, and doesn't allow many control features. The main issue is that if you're pebble sports app display goes off (as in disappears) sometimes there is no way to get it back, even when you are in the middle of recording a track. Strava, please put a developer on this, or if you want, i'll develop it for you.


  • Thanks Jørge, AeroTrackerPro sounds just what we need ... maybe Darrren will build a version for Strava?


    (Aside from the subject of pebbles,  i would really like is an audible warning when my heart rate goes beyond a pre-set limit ... is anyone working on that?  If Strava can tell me my times on segments I'm sure someone could work that out)



  • @Mattias, to clarify - The Strava App/Pebble integration is currently limited to the data fields show on the Strava recording screen. In terms of current, or instantaneous speed readings, since the Strava app recording screen does not currently have this data displayed, it won't be available via the pebble. Hope that makes sense! 

    There is a feature suggestion where you can vote for current speed to be a display field on the mobile app:

    Thanks for the feedback! 

    @Neil - there is an existing feature discussion found here:

    Please add your vote! 

  • About my suggestion that the pebble sports screen should be enabled when the recording screen is shown, then let the user start the recording from the clock....

    Previously it was just a minor inconvenience. Since I had used other apps and they support starting the recording from the watch, I was used to putting away my phone getting ready on the bike and then the last thing, start the recording. Now, with Strava I had to fix everything (put on gloves, aso), get up on the bike, take up my phone, start the recording and then put my phone away. A little more inconvenient, but not a biggie.... then I got a water bag to carry on my back. Then suddenly things get even more inconvenient, since I can't just easily put away my phone in a back pocket, but have to store it in my bag. So now I have to start the recording, put the phone away in my bag, and then get up on my bike and ride.

    Ok, one solution is just to accept the seconds it takes to put away everything and get ready as part of the ride.... another is to start the recording, immediately pause, get ready then resume from the pebble (this is what I usually do).

    But the real solution to this (since I guess I'm not the only one doing things this way), is just to move the call to enable/disable the pebble sports mode to have that on whenever the recording screen is shown. Then let the pebble button start a session if no current session is ongoing (then it would work like now pause/resume). This should be a quite small change, and would greatly improve the experience for pebble users. And if other smart watches are supported they could probably reuse this.

  • @Elle With the latest update, premium users will get the current speed on the recording screen. However, it seem that the pebble still displays the average speed. Would it be possible to have the pebble to also show this?
  • FYI, I have found a "fix" for the 10 minutes (8.5 actually) timeout for when the screenon the Pebble stops updating. If you receive a text of other notification, it will start again. So I just send myself a text (annoying) but this will restart it. Hopefully this gives the Pebble/Strava devs something to work with. This sounds more like an issue with the Pebble than Strava.

  • SEP15

    Have done a couple of rides with my new pebble (original) with Strava.  I was very impressed that the app on the pebble just started when Strava was active.  It was great to have the relevant* info on the pebble (as I don't have a cycle computer).

    However, when I say relevant info, it was actually showing: distance (good), time (good) and, even though it says mph it is actually showing average mph, utterly useless!

    I can check my average speed from my smartphone when I get home, it is of zero use to me whilst cycling.  Actually speed on the other hand is useful to know.  The problem is even more frustrating as, when you stop at some lights, the speed still shows "15mph", uh?  Oh, yes... average speed.  I keep forgetting!

    Anyhoo, I have decided not to use my pebble as a cycle computer due to the fear of coming off and trashing it.


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