Why can't I see who Flagged one of my Activities?

I think it's strava's downfall that users can flag other users really without any reason.  I think the person flagged should get an email with the person who flagged him/her stating why it should be flagged.  OR make it public knowledge on how many segments you flagged.   I don't take this that serious, as I know it's purely entertainment but it's frustrating to have people question your efforts, especially when you have a heart rate monitor on that clearly shows you put in the work.     



  • I totally understand the frustration around this subject.

    I love using the compare function on Strava. Its a great tool to see where i am loosing time to a faster rider. I recently reported a KOM of a segment who had a time that was suspect due bad data. I dont hate the rider as i will never be the KOM of this segment, i just dont believe his KOM is correct.

    I just want to compare my time to the best genuine time.

    Before i flagged the rider i reviewed the day that this rider had done his fast time on and found it was done during a race. He had been through the same segment 6-7 times on the day with average time around 3.03 to 3.15. His KOM of 2.36 was set on the last lap at roughly the 60k mark. 10 seconds faster then anyone else. The GPS trace for that time goes all over the place and doesn't even follow the track and stops in a random spot not even close to the segment. 

    I compared it to my own time (not even close to KOM!!) and the rider puts 30+ seconds on my time in the last 30 metres!!!

    There must have been an issue with his tracking device or GPS signal.

    I reported it as bad data. Strava reviewed and the suspect time was reinstated!. WTF!!?? All the evidence reports to it being incorrect however apparently it is ok!

    I dont know how the rider could even justify the flagging to Strava when all the evidence shows its wrong. 

    If my GPS trace looked like his i would flag myself !! 

    Not sure what the answer is to this issue, but it is frustrating to go through the first 10 riders and find they were all in a car going up a hill on a segment, or the GPS trace goes up the side road and is not even on the track.

    Maybe flagged riders don't get told they have lost there KOM until it is completely reviewed by Strava? Can someone with the free app use the compare tool?? I just cant understand how some riders can claim a KOM when it is clearly incorrect.


  • Kev, I bet the person did not want their whole race and all of their segments disqualified because of that one segment, but what they should have done is duplicate the race, and then upload two activities, cropping them to cut out that segment, so 1 activity from start to the beginning of the bad segment and another from the end of the bad segment to the finish.

    However, some people don't care too much about segments and will rather contest than go to that trouble. I bet he may not have even scrutinized all of the segments closely enough to know his GPS screwed up. This is not the last time someone will flag it, don't worry.

    I flag lots of folks (mostly cyclists who uploaded as runs) for the sake of competition, but I do have to disagree with one thing. You said you would flag if their ride goes up a side road adjacent to the intended segment. Those, to me, should not be flagged. If there are other routes close enough to the segment that the GPS margin of error can't distinguish, that's a problem with the segment, not anyone's ride (unless their signal drifts 100yards off of their side road). 

    One of my favorite trails is a winding, technical single track that parallels a flat, straight bridle trail. So naturally, the single track segment's top times are all from people running the bridle trail. But it's not feasible to flag everyone who runs that bridle trail just because their run inevitably overlaps. It's unfortunate but inevitable.

  • I just returned from a great ride and took a KOM, only to find out that the segment had been mysteriously flagged by someone for being hazardous! Hazardous?! If you think so, don't ride it! Stay home with the other girls and leave the real riding to the men! I fully support the need for making these flaggers known to the public or at the very least, the one who was flagged. 

  • The situation described in the previous comment could be solved if Strava allowed to flag just segment matches rather than entire runs or rides.
    I was once bumped from a first place on one of segments because the person running it took a different path in the last third and ran on a downhill road instead of a rolling hills trail. He approached the end of segment from another side but somehow the segment still matched and he got the first place. Other than that his run was legit so I decided it would be wrong to flag it. I would flag just the segment if that was an option.

  • Thanks for the response Scotty. This is the first time i have posted anything on line! I posted because i was frustrated that Strava cant deal with this issue when all the evidence says its wrong. Strava is a great app, I am sure Strava will find a better way of dealing with this issue in the future. There are people who will flag a segment out of spite, un-willing to accept that there just maybe someone faster than them. Others will accept a KOM as there's even though the evidence shows it was flawed. I don't understand that mentality. 

    I understand your frustration John, there is a 300m segment near my place on a road that has deemed to be "hazardous" and its a straight, smooth, flat section on a back country road!!! WTF!

    GPS shift seems to be a issue as well. There is one uphill segment segment near me where a fast time is dependent on where the satellites are!! The segment almost loops back on its self near the finish line, and depending on the day you will either get the correct finish line or the segment will finish a couple corners earlier.

    Strava need to publish the name of the creator of a segment so they can be messaged to move the finish line 20m further up the trail so there is no error's in the times.

    Quality of the GPS trackers seems to be an issue. I use a Garmin 520 which seems to be very accurate however i know that i would probably have faster times using a IPhone. Ill stick to my Garmin.


  • Kev Northway, the solution to your segment that depends on where the satellites are is to create your own segment and just ignore the other one.

  • You know sometimes people accidentally upload a car ride, and someone else flags it, and it all works out.

    But Strava doesn't account for wind.

    There is an uphill climb in my neighborhood that is fairly competitive, and I can, on a windless day get near the top - say 1:22 or so, with the leader at 1:20.  And because Strava doesn't account for wind, I don't know how much tailwind he had when he got the KOM - probably wasn't zero, you know.

    But, we lots of people know each other around here, they know I'm OK, but not the best, so when my name goes up atop the leaderboard, they flag it.  It's true I didn't magically get better - I just planned my ride on a day with great tailwinds.  But that is legit.

    Whats the point in trying if you get flagged because it was you who got the KOM?  And it really is simple as that - people are dreaming into the ride problems and GPS issues and possible car rides - but what they really mean is - you don't get to win this, we decide.

    In sports, sometimes the leaders get very popular, you know.  But in a real sport you still have to win, popularity isn't going to do anything for you, if you lose the race, the match, the event - you just lose.

    Strava - I vote with those that say you are doing more harm than good by allowing anyone the power to flag.

    I happen to believe a lot of the KOM holders around here are nice people - and with large base of popularity.  But you are kind of allowing their fans to participate in their success with flagging.

    Yes, I'm ticked off about my ride...I shouldn't turn it into an epic trend, but these things tend to get out of hand after people figure out whats up - and I think people are figuring out the flagging game.

    I've seen it on other social networks, where flagging wars rage...you don't want that, so get ahead of this.


  • I flag the occasional motorcyclist who sets KOMs all over town (in one ride!), BUT, I certainly don't want him/her to be able to identify me.  Why, because any "disagreement" could very quickly go from the virtual world to the real world.  Identifying where people live/work is a doddle on Strava, even with privacy settings turned on.  For this reason I feel flagging must remain anonymous.

  • Agree with the previous comment by Bryn. If you allow flagged riders to see who is flagging them, then it'll put people off flagging entirely. Ultimately, the person doing the flagging shouldn't be the person in question.

    I have flagged two rides. One person I know 3rd hand and wouldn't want any bad blood between us, as silly as that sounds. He was going apparently going 120km/ph uphill for 3 minutes though, so...

    The other person I don't know, but as he lives in my area why would I want him scraping through my profile?

    Perhaps a better solution would be to flag flaggers internally, should a flag be dismissed after review. Should a flagger be flagged, they won't be able to flag for a month – or whatever – and if they get three flags then they can't flag again, ever?

  • I got flagged on a recent ride and Strava support indicated that it appears I was drafting a car. First, I wasn't drafting a car but how does anyone have evidence of that? How do you differentiate between tail wind and drafting a car?  If you see segments with much better time in ONE general direction, isn't it more likely the wind was blowing that direction instead of drafting a vehicle?  I have MEASURED power that is above that of the KOMs (they only have calculated power) I beat.  I don't understand how you can state a person was drafting a vehicle with appropriate MEASURED power for the speed on the segment in question.

    The reason I ride power meters on all my bikes is to give verifiable documented data to support the ride   

    A stronger rider puncheur or pure sprinter will be flagged repeatedly when people don't "believe" the performance.   

    Look at the measured power data.   


  • found this thread via google search, as was wondering about this.. I saw a youtube video at the weekend where someone was deliberately flagging someone who took their KOM's..

    not an issue for me personally, as I only ever had a couple of KOM's and I was beaten fairly by better riders :)

  • I've been at one of the local bike shops and watched one of the employees tell another to flag someone's ride. They could have probably looked at it more but it involved a segment that belonged to one of them. So they flagged it because there is no consequence to unjustly flagging a segment.

    Some segments need to be flagged. Those where the max speed is 70 mph and they get a string of KOMs although they were driving on the highway with their iPhone app or android app going. Pretty easy to see legitimate flags.

    Wind plays a considerable factor in our rides. I rode today to reclaim 3 KOMs taken away as the single ride those segments were ridden was flagged.  I reclaimed all three KOMs back despite wind that wasn't as beneficial as the other day and being a bit sore from yesterday's ride.  I even split up the rides so that if anyone gets offended that they lost a segment and flags the ride there is no collateral loss of KOMs. Unfortunate but may need to start splitting The ride so that it only has one KOM per ride.  When you get a KOM and get flagged there is a good chance it was the person you beat who did it.  Having only one KOM per ride would give you an increased probability of knowing who did it. 

  • This morning I noticed that someone had flagged two of my rides this week.  Its not like I stole someones's KOM or even had really fast times on any part of the rides.  I guess its just someone screwing with me. Strava gave me the option to just un-flag it so i did.   

  • But now my situatins is getting worse. The stalker is flagging all my activities. I deleting these activities and exporting them again. But it is too difficult and too time-consuming. I want to use strava but don't want to irritate every evening when I open my PC and I see fllages on strava. Every day all my activities are flagging( now dosn't a matter if I had KOM or not) I am sure you can see whot happend on my account. Please do something. Why stalker who flagged all workouts is anonimous for me. It is no fair that same abnormal man can do this. I want to use strava bu now it happend flustrating. I don't know who is this man bit I suspect a man who I removed from my followers. I don't know if he has one ore more accounts on strava. Please do something. Tell me who is it. I can buy premium if it protect me for such attacs.
    P.S.I do not record my activitis for camera etc. I don't have that possibiity. All my files gpx type I have on my PC. How can I prove these  activities are real and don't understand why sould do it.

  • Muciak, If one person is flagging your activities then just unflag them. You don't need to delete them and re-upload.

  • The problem that he is having is the same one I had.  It won't let you just un-flag it.  You have to make it private, delete it, or contact strava and have then unflag it.  


  • Muciak W if this is still happening to you I would go into the privacy settings and set it so only followers can see activity's then unless you are high on the leader board of segments he or she won't be able to flag your rides over and over unless they really search the segments for you

  • I think it would be good for Strava to keep track of frequency of flagging, i.e. if the same person flags an individual runner/cyclist/swimmer's activities more than once they look into whether or not the flagger is accurately flagging them, or just temporarily knocking them off the leaderboard.

  • Sure there are stupid people flaging ride after ride "for no reason". But there are times that you flag the same rider several times for a good reason.

    In the area where i live, there is a plague of riders that are way up on the classifications, some times even on the top10, and some of then are even pro riders, that are day, after day, after day uploading the same file 2 times. Stava should pay me for the work i´m doing (and others that do the same). The software should have some kind of protection against this kind of situation. 

  • can i submit a request to ban car users on strava? i gave evidence. he just destroys all Pro cyclist koms like all the time!

  • Dani, you're absolutely right. You never know the other side until it happens to you. A few days ago saw a runner in my neighborhood posting times on my favorite 15 mile run at faster pace than Tadese's current world record for the half marathon.


    I still feel like we need something to stop trolls, but I feel your frustration and at the very least there should be event triggers to flag an activity if it's faster than current WR pace.

  • I think it's valid for maybe stava them self to keep track of reports, to get rid of people who constantly report falsely. But in no way should it tell people who reported them. as that could create bad situation's of possible retaliation . if you know who's reporting you ,and your not in the top of the leader board, And you just want your rides .you can block the person but. If you don't know who it is you can make your profile private so they can't see your rides or make your rides private. If you make your profile private so only friends can see it, then you eleminate them finding your rides unless you are on the leaderboards

  • As Damien said: "get rid of people who constantly report falsely" ... if I was managing the software, for sure I would do that. First a warning, and if the situation continues ban the user. There is no valid reason for letting people that are joking with other riders, to continue to upload files. For me it´s just logical and good sense

  • correct dani. one person flagged 12 of my rides at one time today. who the hell does that??? i hope strava bans him. i sent a request to ban the person.

  • How long does it take for Strava support to review these rides that get flagged repeatedly by the same rider , this seams to be a concern as stated by some of the cyclists who have waited months with no response from Strava. A quicker response might keep the malicious flaggers from flagging if they knew the flag would be resolved faster. Waiting for a reponse from the support team is excruciating when you know all the hard work you’ve done can be erased by single person .

  • Gets on my t*ts something chronic! I just noticed that I had a ride flagged back in August when I managed a KOM. Strange that the only rides I have ever had flagged are the ones that I've managed a KOM on. Some little weasel can't handle being beaten so decides to flag my ride. It's clearly a ride. Surely Strava must have some sort of analytics tool that can compare that ride against other rides. It's an 80 miler for god sake with an HRM etc so can clearly see my stats and that I am giving it some wellie on that segment. It's not like I had a mate waiting for me with a motorbike revving so I could jump on and get that one KOM out of 300+ segments! My concern is that I have had other rides flagged and I do not know about them. The reason most of us ride as well as the pleasure is to better ourselves not to have some spoilt child stamp his/her feet because he/she got owned. Go out there and try better yourself and get it back!

    Calm down Joe, calm down...

  • I think a good compromise would be to still show the time/effort in the segment leaderboard, but colour it a different shade or icon or something so that people who care can click on it and see why it was flagged and by who. It does seem heavy-handed to remove the effort from the leaderboard altogether just because some random rider flagged it based on their opinion. This is also true in cases (which I have had where I have had a segment flagged due to what looks like a glitch in Strava where it recorded my average speed as higher than my max speed on a segment) where other people on the leaderboard or who have a KoM for the same reason but have *not* been flagged.

  • At the minimum Strava needs to filter results. I see guys who are showing 1100W for 15min stretches with a heartrate of 85 BPM, that's not human powered. Or at least if someone is a proven monster remove them from filtered results.

    Around here there are a lot of guys who shuttle DH trails, and get KOMs and Top 10s on the uphill roadie segments all the time. There are so many on some of the popular routes people don't even bother flagging them anymore, because the top 200 times are in the back of a pick up truck. Strava's results should automatically filter over a certain threshold.

    At the minimum this would get these guys to be more careful about cropping or starting/stopping their rides.

  • I was flagged recently on two different activities for "using vehicle".  I rarely drive a car to get to trail heads as I'm a MTB rider with hills very near my home.  It's taking Strava days to research/resolve.  I used a HRM on both activities.  Why is the feature anonymous?  Why aren't specific segments flagged?  On dirt ST and fire roads it's not possible to use a vehicle.  Total disaster, horrible experience, ultimate failure on Strava's part.  Very disappointed.  I'm a premium member considering dropping my premium membership.  You can't even phone call Strava tech support.  Weak.

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