Why can't I see who Flagged one of my Activities?

I think it's strava's downfall that users can flag other users really without any reason.  I think the person flagged should get an email with the person who flagged him/her stating why it should be flagged.  OR make it public knowledge on how many segments you flagged.   I don't take this that serious, as I know it's purely entertainment but it's frustrating to have people question your efforts, especially when you have a heart rate monitor on that clearly shows you put in the work.     



  • It's anonymous so that people don't cause problems as there are crazy people out there who would harm or cause other issues over strava reports. And just for your knowledge a vehicle is not impossible to be on the dirt I have had some dirt segments get taken by a dirt bike flying 50mph up the huge hill . But I have seen so many people take segments in there cars on the normal streets after they are done with there mtb ride it's ridiculous and they literally take almost all the hills around here at inhuman speeds

  • It should just take more than 1 flag for a ride to be removed. It should take 3 or 4. Accounts that are flagging should have to have 3+ hours of activity over a 14 day period, or you lose flagging ability. Or another solution is strava should promote random active users to mod and allow them to review flagged activities and vote. Something like how OKC moderation works. This way the people doing the flaging are anonymous. We don't want anyone getting betten up over a segment 😂

  • Anonymous flagging is just not right. If they won't remove anonymous flagging then at least bring in a feature where by if some one flags a ride once but then it is deemed by Strava to be good and is reinstated if they then do it again a warning should appear to say that this is the second time you have flagged this ride if you proceed your name will appear on the flag for everyone to see. Then see if they do it. If it is malicious I'm betting they will not.

  • The only reason I ever flag a ride is when the average speed of a segment is higher or equal to the max speed of the segment in the summary section.  When you analyze the ride, you see the average as being lower than the max speed over the segment.  The two different set of data points cannot be accurate.  This is typically due to a GPS averaging error where STRAVA attempts to average your speed over the segment but puts you in a start section beyond the actual start location or ends the segment before the actual end point then takes the average time across the segment which is not accurate.  When you dive into the "analyze" you'll see the raw data that was recorded and is the accurate information for speed, distance, and avg/max.  The KOM is built from the summary, not the raw data which can be inaccurate on some rides.  I've seen GPS shoot off into the woods then back on the road almost 1/10 of a mile ahead a sec later forming a triangle shape.  Weird but it happens

  • Dustin - The problem with requiring 3 or 4 flags to remove a ride is that most of the time, the only reason I know someone "cheated" in some form is that I got a notification that I lost a KOM. If it wasn't for that notification that only goes out to one person, nobody else likely would have seen the ride unless they happen to be "following" them and then if they even noticed the error in time and went to the effort to flag it.

  • For me it´s clear that this is a issue that is not (even a remote) priority for Strava. Pleople are doing the work for then so it´s fine. 

    For me it´s clear:

    - People that flag without a reason more than 3 times should loose this feature.

    - Strava needs to improve or implement a filter that blocks insane speeds on hills an flat segments. 

    - Filter and block 2 files that are clones (all data is the same) to be uploaded. Same HR, max speed, avg speed, cadence, distance, time, etc ... its insane how this "clone" files apper all the time. 

  • I currently live in a very competitve cycling-crazy country, that is full of amazing riders.. and full of cheaters..

    i have flagged quite a few KOMs, not because i am even close to competing for them.. i just think cheating is unfair to the guys who put in thousands of kms and hours of training each month.

    I always analyze each KOM data before reporting it.. looking at the speed, power charts. Car rides and GPS glitches are easy to catch. Motorcycle riders and guys being towed by or drafting motorcycles are harder to detect, because those rides somewhat resemble bicycle rides, due to wind, air drag and variable speed.

    I always explain with a couple of paragraphs why i am reporting an acitivty.. and i think it is great that Strava requires an explanation as to why an activity is being flagged.

    .Most of the KOMs i have flagged have been very obvious.. for example in one of them the guy had pics of the interior of  his car during his "ride".. LOL. The sad thing is that nobody had flagged it.

    other KOMs i have flagged are just silly.. guys pushing 1200W  / 800W  flat 70+ km/h  for 18km..

    One guy that was pushing 1200W for 18km, was overweight, and had no real history of training in Strava or any proof that he could do such inhuman feat.. but he went to the trouble of taking pics of himself at the beginning and end of the ride, with other riders and a motorcyclist.. oops.. 

    Anyway, the point of my story is that flagging should be kept anonymous. because i can see the cheaters quickly retaliating against people who rightfully flag phony KOMs.. things are so bad here, that i can see people making physical threats.... so riders who try to bring a little justice to strava should be protected. Thank you.


  • I wish at this point they just had a way for it to see inhuman speeds as far to many mtb riders around here jump in there car and dont turn it off and rip threw town holding 40-50 mph uphill or flats and eat any kinda segments. where I feel like an a algorithm could go hey this person just just held 1000+ watts for 10 mins straight I think we should auto flag this ride. But I guess then they would be responsible for false flagged rides. but its not like they check rides a end user flags which leaves it open to exploit 

  • This morning, i caught a guy, in full road cycling regalia (helmet, uniform, etc) , drafting very closely a motorcycle.. passing everyone.. i am sure he was doing this to post his ride on Strava.. 

    How sad that people here are so insecure and lazy, that they resort to cheating, just to see their name in the KOM list of a segment. Last night, i cleaned up one segment of about 6 people, most of them pushing 80 km/hr  - 800-1000+ watts for 5k... these people are seriously retarded.. 

    Even in the 2019 June Cycling Climbing Challenge i just flagged two people with bad or cheating GPS data: like one guy doing a 20000m climb in 4 hours!!.. and some guy who either has a bad GPS, or is editing his GPX data.. and climbs 10000m in 2 hours on a daily basis, LOL...

    Since it seems strava doesn't have the man power to clean up all the cheaters, i encourage people to keep Strava honest and to flag cheaters... it is up to us.. otherwise cheaters will keep on thinking they can get away with what they are doing.

    I also think  that Strava should ban or suspend cheaters from the platform... 

  • It's a complicated issue. Here we have a problem where a lot of roads (and roadies) run right next to MTB trails. GPS not being perfect, there are a lot of off road segments which wind up having roadies having KOMs or Top 10s on them, as the Strava just assumes they were on the trail and not the road.

    All Strava has to do is have the rider declare if the bike is a road bike or MTB. Have the segments listed as on/off road. A road bike can't get a MTB segment. No MTB is ever going to get a road segment  anything, the won't care.

    The one segment here I'm thinking of I ride very fast, definitely top 10 on it, and I'm in the bottom 10% of times on the segment because it's all roadies gliding down a 10% grade at 50mph, while we are struggling to stay rubber side down at 15mph 100' away.

    Not everyone who gets KOMS is a cheater. I have a buddy who did a ride with me this am and got 2 of them, because he hitched a ride in a truck to the top and waited for me to pedal up. He has had a strava acct for 10 years, and just this week started using it again riding with me. I saw his ride post with his 2 KOMS, and knew what happened. He asked me 3 minutes ago how to edit his ride to remove the segments, and doesn't know how.


  • I only check mine so often and sadly there are so many it blocks me from reporting for a bit. even tho all the people I report are clearly not on a bike as they end up holding 50mph/80kph and sometimes max at like 70mph/112kph . they are easy to tell they went from going on a mtb ride to they got in a car and started holding 40-50mph without being effected by hills wind or anything by there speed graphs.some of them even keep there heart rate sensors on and suddenly they only have 80bpm but are holding the estimated 1200+ watts for a half hour. but over 6 months or so when I remember to even check there can be 20-30+ rides like this and strava has a max reporting limit ,and since I am the only one doing it alot of the times I cant even get them all till I remember to come back. I think there needs to be an oops msg that says "did you forget to turn off strava when you got in your vehicle" pop up and let them know they should edit there ride. as alot of them are just genuine mistakes around here from people riding mtb. sadly that kinda of detection system is probably at the bottom of there list as it would not get them more paid premium members 

  • Hey John Connolly. I never suggested everyone who gets a KOM is a cheater.. there are some amazing guys here,, where  i currently live.. i mean amazing..there is a guy i follow that has 17 pages of KOMs..he goes on epic 5 hour 3000m climbs all the time.. and i am sure he deserves every KOM he has, but for every guy like him, there are 100 cheaters (at least here), out-of-shape guys  with no training history cheating every way possible, just to see their name on top of the list.

    I always analyze and study a rider before flagging his / her activity (yep, i've caught at least one woman cheating).

    Strava has many problems.. for example, i just discovered a problem with Garmin Forerunner 910XT watches that are set to feet instead of meters.. so when the user uploads the data, the altitude in feet gets converted to meters by Strava.. so these people do inhuman 10000m+ climbs in just a few hours. I just opened a support ticket to see if this get corrected.. because if i don't do it.. apparently nobody will



  • I am just throwing in my observations, that's not. Not pointing any fingers.

  • Twb T. - Did the person drafting the trike post the ride to Stava? Keep in mind that not everyone who goes out and rides is on Strava. Some are just out there riding and picking up drafts or whatever to get from point A to point B faster than they would have otherwise.

  • Hi Jason Lamoreux

    i have no way of knowing if this person is on Strava or not.. i will keep my eye out on this segment and its multiple sub-segments, to see if i can spot him..

    Bear in mind i have flagged / busted countless (probably more than 10 cheaters) around this segment.. 

    You could be right, this person, may have been doing this for fun.. but what he was doing is extremely dangerous, as he was drafting right behind the container.. i mean right behind it.. and if the trike had slowed down or stopped, he would have smashed himself against it.. .and ended up in the hospital for sure..  by the looks of it, it looks like this was setup.. this road is straight.. no lights, it is perfect for cheaters to setup a vehicle to go at a constant speed, so they can draft behind it.. which makes it really easy to spot in strava, as any variations in speed make close drafting extremely dangerous.

    By the looks of the cyclist, his bike (Orbeas are not cheap bikes, here in Third World land) This looked more like a setup, than just a opportunistic draft.


  • The plague of clone files being uploaded by the same rider continues. The segments are full of duplicated times. I report (flag) what i can, but this is not my job. Looks like Strava don´t care, because i don´t see any measure to mitigate the issue. 

  • Wtf just had same segment flagged twice as my second fastest time was still kom,strange thing is I ride with power cadence heart rate 99.9 % of time.my second fastest time now been restored but fastest under review.oh well strava got it share of wanna be’ s least they are happy..🤪

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