Feedback for the new Group Events feature - Clubs

Today we launched the latest improvement for clubs - Group Events. Clubs can now create and share group rides and runs with club members.


Clubs admins can begin to make use of this new feature right away by adding group rides and runs to their club pages. Events can be one-time or recurring, can have a route associated with them, and are easily shared with others on Strava, as well as via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

This is just the beginning - there are many ways that we can expand on the events feature in the future and we’d love to hear your ideas.  If you have questions, comments or feedback, please post them here!

Even though we might not acknowledge every comment, our product team will be checking in on the feedback posted here and responding when we can. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!



  • @Elle Anderson,

    I assume this thread is no longer checked by you or another Strava moderator?  I'm trying to find the appropriate place to request features for Club Events if that is still possible.

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  • Great feature!

    There's one thing I'd like to add: the ability to cancel a specific occurring of a weekly event without deleting the whole event.

    Scenario: in our club we have a weekly no-drop ride that might be cancelled due to bad weather, which happens quite often around here.

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  • It would also be nice for non-admin members to create rides.  I can see why this wouldn't always be desirable, but for many clubs it's a serious requirement.  Can it be introduced as a setting toggle or something?

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  • Allowing non-admin club members to add events would give such an enormous boost to Strava's social aspect I really can't understand why it's not implemented yet. I only joined my local clubs (from my city, can't see any value in joining abstract clubs like brand X owners etc.) to see if it could help me get in touch with local riders. Sadly, over these two years it's been just another feed to stare at when bored, give/receive more and more meaningless kudos etc. Only today I realised that the club event feature even existed! There was no hint from Strava that groups can be anything more than a leaderboard and a forum. I checked several other local clubs, all have dormant admins. And it's fair enough - starting a club should not be a full-time job, you're free to get bored of being an admin after a year, but it should be possible to grow the group organically, through its members' engagement.

    Allowing any member to post something like "hey, I'll be doing THIS route on THIS date, feel free to join me" would increase engagement in a place where cycling is not that popular and it's not easy to find group rides when none of your real-life friends rides.

    The "make everyone an admin" workaround is almost embarrassing coming from such a mature service, especially since it's not technically complex (perhaps moderating tools etc. but I can't imagine any event-related vandalism being a realistic problem)

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  • +1 to what Lukasz said. Many successful clubs are email-based, and anyone on the list or a member of the (Google) group can post rides. This is critical. Admins will come and go, but members make the club work.

    Also, in terms of social aspects, support hashtags and "@"-ing somebody already! Just copy instagram.

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  • Hi, 


    Love the new idea but i think it would be great to have the option to have an 'open event' where the route can be attempted at any time during that week/month if some members cant make a designated start time and date.



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  • This feature should work for virtual races too. Our group is all over the world therefore we need leaderboards and discussion tabs on each event to be able to track where people place in the race and their stats

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