• Personally don't understand the above comment regarding "Small company, etc", its about a 1 hour job to add a plugin to upload photos from a pc,any web dev worth their money could do it no problem. Seems like a massive oversight

  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm kinda new here - got strava couple days ago, just figured it's perfect, and then...

    …OK, so pissed, but solved it for myself in about an hour - (haven't read the whole thread - just to get clues so sorry if somebody wrote it erlier) – maybe it’ll be helpful for people who (like me) doesn’t use phone supporting strava, using strava ONLY in PC web browser…

    So, there’s another way using strava on PC… by making virtual android machine (example using BlueStacks):

    1.Get android Emulator (got BlueStacks), install

    2.Copy your photos (in windows) to Emulator’s shared folder (for me “c:\ProgramData\Bluestacks\UserData\SharedFolder”)

    3.Install in Emulator any File Manager (Total Commander!!! ;) from the shop, copy photos from shared folder to default photo folder

    4.Install and run strava on Emulator, upload photos like you just made it with your phone


    ...I’ts terrible bug, and I know - my method is also really crappy (just thought android emulator MIGHT be usefull), so



  • Still a clunky and completely unnecessary workaround which only works for limited cases. Those who want to use their desktop for editing and processing their images are still stuffed. WiFi cards may not be fast enough for use or even more importantly reliable enough. More expensive too, particularly if the main manufacturer of wifi cards drops support for your card forcing you to upgrade to a newer version, which happened recently. Raw image processing may be another barrier, though Snapseed now offers raw image processing. 

  • Several people have written here that for a developer this is an hour's job. Well, the API is there, it's just undocumented. I've reverse engineered it and described it here:

    Now please someone just make a web app that lets people upload photos. I'm not a web dev and I don't actually need to upload photos from a computer, so it'd be a waste of time for me to do that.

  • I am shocked by the amount of negativity in this thread

    I am way more impressed with what Strava DOES provide us all with, free of charge, than what they don't

    For the record, of course I would also like te be able to upload my pics from my iMac. Or I would be not here.

  • Hmmm... I wonder if I can do that with El Capitan and some sort of iPhone emulator... Or maybe an android emulator on El Cap?   Sounds like a workaround that Rube Goldberg would approve!!!

    I honestly am wondering if the "investors" are aware of the content in this thread, or if they are being told by management/tech support that "everything's fine... users are universally happy and satisfied... really, everything's fine...  we have all the capabilities... really...".


    Postscript... I actually installed Bluestacks on my MacBookPro. It is a workaround that works, but truly a very kludgey kludge with extra kludge, and a side order of kludgey-ness.  Not really what I want to do...  kind of like going to the opera, and carrying in your chainsaw and a couple of jars of kimchee.  Its odd, and it kind of stinks.

  • Humble suggestion.

    If there are economic reasons not to satisfy this widespread request from so many members:

    Why not make it possible for at least premium members to update photos from their PC?

    I'm a premium member, mainly to support Strava. There are very few extras worth that fee. For those hesitating to become premium members, a photo-upload -from-PC feature might be a reason to join. The investment would probably be paid back in no time...

  • "However, being a small company, we have other projects we've prioritized at this time".


    You take enough money of your premium members to hire more staff, don't give me that story. Maybe stop making pointless videos and redirect the funds to something useful.

    You should focus on listening to your users and trying to implement fixes to the many amateurish flaws that we point out - being able to upload photos from a computer is a very simple function, most other activity trackers can do this without issue, why do you make a song and dance about it?

    Another basic function that Strava can't do is record HR data for stationary rides (which has been pointed it out by hundreds of members in this "support" forum, which you ignore), again you could sort this issue out but you'd rather just not look after your customers. This is probably a waste of time anyway, because you'll ignore this comment too.

  • Elle, That is probably the most lame excuse I've ever heard for not doing something. Give us a break, this subject has been flogged for several years now while Strava gives us little things like videos and excuses. Strava leadership obviously have other priorities so just say so. I pay my annual premium dues just to use the system and I've gotten to the point where I don't expect Strava to come up with anything new or useful. Other apps are superior to Strava BUT almost everyone I know who rides worldwide is already on Strava so you have the numbers and that's that. I see other users getting angry but I say, "chill out", Strava isn't going to give us what we want and that should be obvious so just cycle, enjoy your rides and don't waste anymore time trying to harangue them into giving us something useful that we want. Well just continue to post our rides on photos on Facebook and get on with our lives.

  • I have to say the photo experience is very painful.  To upload photos taken on my camera I have to upload to google photos, download to my phone and then upload to Strava.  Why I can't upload from the web client is beyond me.  I'm a software developer so I know that with the back end service in place to take the photos, adding the javascript to the web page to call it would take about 20 minutes for a decent developer.  Is there some reason why strava don't implement this?

  • It's obvious the leadership / investors of Strava either a.) don't give a #$%^ about what's going on, or b.) have no idea how to run a technology company. Either way, someone needs to go and be replaced by someone who knows what the heck they're doing. Period.

  • The only way to influence change is to discontinue paid membership, as I have. 

    Their removal of Google Street View was my primary reason, along with various user interface issues.   And of course, their lack of basic photo uploading support.

  • On the contrary, the management team know exactly what they are doing. It is clear that they have calculated (perhaps incorrectly, but there it is) that features requested by customers do not significantly improve their potential exit strategy. In the unlikely event that (outside) investors force a change in that calculation, great. Otherwise, learn -- as we all have -- to live with what is on offer. Your only recourse, if you are a Premium member, is to vote with you feet.

    Offhand, I can think of three often-requested and relatively simple-to-implement features that competitors support and Strava does not:

    • Start calendars on day other than Monday.
    • Upload photos from desktop.
    • Upload HR and related data for stationary trainer activities.

    If I were a Strava engineer, I would have implemented these in a skunkworks, and offered them up to management as fait accompli. If this has occurred, it has not leaked out. Sad.

  • Please please add a feature to allow photo upload via PC. So many members use GPS devices and not their phones to upload activities...reading the feedback it looks like this has a huge following to make this happen. Thx in advance :)

  • Just to add my vote to add the ability to upload photos from the web site.

  • WELL - I guess I also fall into the "YOU CAN"T MAKE THIS UP CROWD".

    I took a pic on a ride today, knowing I saw it could be uploaded somehow as I've seen others who have, get back home and look for how to do it. 

    Like others I couldn't find it, so I started looking around as to why I'm an idiot and not able to figure it out.

    Low and behold, you can't do it from the computer seems to be the case.

    Heck it seems to have been the case for some time...

    "So much for built for cyclist, by cyclist." add campaign.

    Anyhow, count me in the crowd that thinks this is downright comical this feature is not included in the desktop version.  Hell I can add pictures to this post!!

    Also count me in the crowd of non-renewal of my premium membership until this feature is added.

    I would be curious to know what Strava is working on for the future, and have a poll as to see what users think are the most beneficial and wanted?  

    Just be sure to include this feature in any such poll if so decided.



  • I just noticed this showed up in the app recently -- thank for the feature, Strava team! As for people stomping their feet indignantly about features that aren't there yet -- do you think software falls from the sky for free? Behave. (And yes, I would be happy to be able to upload to the website also)

  • Add my vote as well for web based image upload.  

  • I did decide to "vote with my feet", or vote with my wallet, so to speak.  My premium membership has now lapsed.  

    I disagree w/ the concept or tone of mtnrunner 2's comments regarding "software" ..."falling from the skies"...  and "behave".  I think for the most part folks have maintained a civil discourse regarding this missing capability.  I'm not sure that mtnrunner 2 noticed that the feature so new to them is now well over a year old... the first post to the thread was in March 2015.

    Some users would perhaps not even see it as a "new feature", since all or virtually all competitors have had the capability for several years.   In the time/life cycle of software/web development, 1 year is quite a long lag time.

    Nevertheless, I do agree with mtnrunner 2 that it would be good to be able to upload a photo from the web.  I agree with his point on that completely.

  • I enjoy strava very much, however, I  must echo others' view that it would be much improved to be able to upload photos from ones computer to a ride.



  • Thanks to all who have commented about our photos feature on Strava. We are still unable to fulfill your request to upload photos from the Strava website due to a full project backlog through the end of the year. 

    Since this discussion primarily served to collect feedback on the existing photo uploading features on Strava for iOS and Android, it will be slowly phased out in October. Please consider checking out these related feature discussions on photos and add your comments and up-votes there. 

    Add photos from the Strava Website

    Zoom feature for Photos

    Choose the featured Photo in the Feed

    Upload Photos to Club discussions

    Ability to select Photos from cloud storage

    Thank you. 


  • Have any of you seen the new iPhone 7 commercial? Guy looks outside, it's raining, he mounts his phone to his bars, starts Strava, and heads out into the rain. My money bets that Strava jumped in bed with Apple who prohibited the PC upload we are all requesting. Your BS response and closing of this thread is ridiculous

  • OK people, You can obviously see that STRAVA has no interest in ever giving us the ability to upload photos from the desktop/computer for whatever reasons. This request has been pushed by loads of Strava members for two years and the latest excuse from the Strava staff is that they have a full plate and this is not a priority. Some of us who are PREMIUM members have even asked that it be made a Premium item which could increase Strava Premium members so even a money incentive doesn't work so looks like this is just a dead cat in the road issue. Too bad since it would have been something nice to have. So, I'm not about to start using a smart phone on rides so will just have to continue to post photos on Facebook OR use some other places to share the photos & videos. I think there is/will be more support for this from people like Garmin than there will ever be from Strava, too bad.

  • @Paul Lohnes, not sure about that theory as it's a feature on Android too.

    @Elle, I've never seen a satisfactory response to the many simple issues that users have brought up In various threads, Strava could easily sort out a lot of the issues but clearly aren't bothered. I believe Strava has become too big, and like a lot of other companies, it's gone downhill because of this.

    p.s. it's also wrong that once your premium membership automatically renews, you can't cancel it and get your money back straight away, it ties you in for another year.

  • It is true that this has been going on for far too long. There are still only some ludicrous work-arounds like using Gramblr to upload to Instagram. This is a poor user experience. If Strava is intended to provide a fun and social network for cyclists they are still falling short with the photo upload feature.

  • going on 2 years now and still no ability to upload from a computer? Pretty sad

  • This is ridiculous! What a crummy excuse "...a full project backlog through to the end of the year..." I pay real money to Strava to display my rides including my photos.

    Software that doesn't adapt to user demand, fails.

    I think developers I know could sort this in weeks! I suspect it's the hosting costs that Strava won't pay for.

  • If your backlog is filled it means that it is filled with features that are more requested than being able to upload a photo from your website which would be surprising ! Is it that your deal with Instagram prevent you from adding this feature :) Because since you already have all the mechanism to store photos for activities adding a upload button is a one day story :)

  • *** Work Around ***

    Install android emulator, for example andy. First setup will require about 5 minutes, but after you will be able to use it pretty fast each time.

    Inside android emulator:

     - open google play and login with any google account (for example create new one)

     - install google maps as it required by strava app

     - try to install strava app too, but probably will not allow to install through google play, in that case download strava apk distributive file (google it) and install manually

     - install (if not already installed) ES Explorer and start ftp server, add shortcut on the desktop for the future

     - open Strava, login to it

    At computer:

     - set up ftp connection, use total commander or whatever ftp client

    Now, the process of uploading photos each time:

     - start android emulator and turn on ES ftp server

     - start ftp client on computer and transfer your photos to the android emulator directory

     - use strava app to upload it from that directory

  • The ability to choose which photo is highlighted in the feed is planned for early 2017. 

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