• Thanks Adnan - We'll get right on that issue and take a look. 

  • This is a step in the right direction, but with the wrong foot forward. The web version is the most important and should have been first. There is already Instagram for syncing photos and the primary drawback of this is its restriction to an Android or IOS mobile device, needing to post to Instagram in a certain time interval is just an inconvenience. With a web interface for adding pictures this opens it up to every PC, mobile device inclusive of every platform, etc. making it for the first time possible to add photos to Strava activities if you don't want to carry or use an Android or IOS mobile device. For example, if you want to add some of your GoPro photos to your ride,  photos from dedicated cameras, stills from video taken of you, etc. then a web interface that is usable from a PC is the ticket and using a Strava app on a supported mobile device for these things would be extremely awkward.

  • ERIC is completely correct, THE DESKTOP VERSION SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRST!!! Most of our local cyclists (at least the serious ones) DO NOT use Android or iPhone for rides because there are too many errors, too many problems like short battery life, and others. So, this update to Strava, although showing some positive movement, is also WORTHLESS to most of us. Time to get working on that desktop app.


    While I'm at it, I would like to mention, AGAIN, that we need the ability to create challenges for our groups/clubs. As the admin for our club I created a distance challenge for March which will complete this Sunday. I've had some complaints from members about some of the limitations and I've told them it's all due to Strava and the limits of creating a challenge WITHOUT any support from Strava. It has been a pain in the ass running the challenge since I had to create a spreadsheet and track our members progress myself each week. I can truthfully say that we will not be having any more challenges until Strava starts to give us (club admins) some support.

  • Thank you Strava for adding this simple to use functionality. Much appreciated.

    I would like to make the following observations:

    • Not everyone uses the mobile app
    • Although its clearly a sophisticated bit of software its a pain to use for those of us with bad eyes and fat fingers ;).
    • Despite having the ability to capture an image, a phone is not a camera.
    • Transferring photos to the phone to upload an image is a painful dodgy workaround.
    • Those of us using actual cameras would like desktop support to upload real photos taken with real cameras.

    Having said that, the capability works as expected and for this I am grateful and looking forward to the rollout of this capability to the desktop version.

    As a final note, the mobile version is obviously where a lot of development time has gone but frankly, I never use it. I record on a garmin and monitor on the desktop version using Chrome, Stravaplus and veloviewer. And my pics are all on the desktop, not the phone.

    However since this is now the gateway for photos, I'll probably use it for that until a desktop version arrives.

  • They missed a step in the "Add a photo A B C" - for an Existing Activity you need to hit the "pen" icon top right then add the photo.

    Interestingly the photo's I added seemed to double up 

  • +1 to the many who suggest that upload to the web version is more important than via smartphone implementations. As with a number of the commenters, I use a standalone GPS for ride recording, rtaher than the smartphone app, for most of the reasons already mentioned. All my photos are geotagged (whether taken by smartphone or other cameras), and so the ideal mechanisation would be that I can upload photos, either direct to the site or via the smartphone app, and in both cases they are automatically associated with the appropriate ride. A map view with some sort of icon to indicate where picture(s) exist would be great too. Right now, this is probably the only feature which has been making me continue to upload rides to both RWGPS and Strava - given this functionality I would probably just Strava.

  • I agree with others regarding desktop support, especially as I want to move away from using my phone for Strava photos. I take photos on my rides with a small camera, so it’d be easier for me if I didn’t need to Bluetooth them across to my Android app before uploading. On the plus side, at least I now have the option of only using my camera, so thanks for that. 

    Other issues I would highlight include lack of captioning ability (not all photos are worth 1,000 words) and the modest 600-pixel horizontal picture size. This underwhelming size looks okay on a sharper smartphone or Retina screen, but on a standard PC monitor lacks the same impact.  Would these scaled 600-pixel images display at 768 pixels on a large screen? I note that I can right-click ‘view image’ and see a larger photo. Accepting that this is not predominantly a photography website, just a few more pixels for landscape photos would be nice.

  • +1 for web browser option. Don't own a smartphone; 

  • No value at all to me without desktop/browser support.  Tremendously disappointed.

  • @Andrew, I've followed up with you about the duplicate photos in a support ticket.

    All -

    Thanks for your continued feedback and comments. It's clear that support for website support for native photos is the leading trend. I'll be sure to share this feedback with the team, and I'll keep this thread up-to-date with further information. Thanks!  

  • Thanks for adding the new photo feature! To test it out yesterday I manually added a photo to a ride and then i added a different photo to Instagram.

    The photo I added directly to the ride shows up just as I'd expect, but the Instagram photo is not showing up. Is it one-or-the-other? Just want to know going forward.

  • +1 on using geotagging somehow. It's just a "nice to have", after the important stuff like website uploading is sorted out, but it could make photos more cool. :-)

  • @Alex and Tomas - Actually, we do have geotagging options right now, but only on the website. So if your mobile phone geotags the photo and you upload it to your activity, when you view it on the Strava website you'll see the photo "pinned" to the location it was taken.

  • @Elle: oh, indeed you do! How could I have missed that? Brilliant. :-)

  • @Elle - oh, yes ... sorry I missed that - I concur with @Tomas on that. I also absolutely concur with his comment regarding disbelief and dismay over the fact that you guys have released the iOS/Android photo feature, but have no plans for a desktop version. +1 that the desktop version should have been first, before the mobile ones.

  • From the majority of comments in the past couple of days it seems that the majority agree that the DESKTOP VERSION should have been released first. Those with smart phone could already post photos, it was just a chore for them but the desktop users could not and still cannot post. I'll say it one more time, THE FAST MAJORITY OF RIDERS IN OUR FAST GROUP RIDES USE GARMIN OR SIMILAR DEVICES!!! Most of those who use phones are not all that happy with the results. 


    We have several hundred cyclists in four Strava clubs out here in the desert/mountains and most would like to post photos or be able to share photos of the others. In the past year I've had requests from all over the world from other cyclists that would like to see our rides and terrain but I have to refer all of them to FACEBOOK.COM where I post some of our rides. For such a fine product Strava is way behind in giving people what they want. How about kicking your thinking caps into gear and get us a desktop app sooner rather than later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great feature, been waiting for this for ages :-) I use a Garmin but it's easy enough to add the photos on my Android phone to my rides.


    Many thanks,


  • Regarding feedback +1 for the option to add photos off the website.

  • +1 on website upload.  I use a windows phone.

  • I have uploaded a foto by mistake, and after i removed it but still is shown on the desktop version under photos! Is that a bug?

  • @Bruno, yes - that is an issue we're looking into. Looks like one of our support agents was able to resolve the issue for you in the meantime. 

  • +1 for uploading from a computer, please. 

  • A quick update; uploading from the iphone app is pretty painless once you stab the teeny tiny edit button. That can take a while. So it works pretty well, but still it would be awesome to not have to mess about with the phone at all to load photos. I'm not going to mess about with moving images to the phone so right now I'm using images taken on the phone which given the low res is just fine with Strava. Real pics are still going on fb.

    Thank you Strava for making it happen. I look forward to seeing the functionality appear in the desktop interface.


  • I was full of expectations when I read about uploading photos of my tours.

    Now I have discovered that there is no option to manually upload from Windows OS. Too bad :-(

  • Thank you for adding this feature. I am wondering if the "12 photos" limitations could be addressed. I went on a ride yesterday and added 26 photos but only 12 can be seen form the web site. I can see all of them on the iPhone app. Activity ID: 275614064


  • I was waiting long time for this feature, many thanks!

    In my opinion a desktop version is more handy, because pictures can prepared before uploading.
    At the moment I have to uploade pictures first to may smart phone which I made with a cam etc.

    Why are only 12 photos shown at the desktops activity if I have more photos uploaded. At the dashboard all photos are shown. I do not understand the thoughts for this way.

    If I want upload more photos I have to navigate for each photo through the smartphone album, please let us pic up more than one photo.

    using android phone


  • +1 for adding several photos at once.

    Also, I just noticed that photos are not shown when the activity is viewed by a logged-out user (or a complete Strava-less stranger). This makes sharing activities/stories less cool.

    And another one, when sharing activities to Facebook, it'd be nice for the post to show the photos as well. Now we need to add them as Facebook comments or something, or not bother sharing at all.

    (As far as I'm concerned, I could live without photos visible on logged-out activity pages as long as it's easy to share with photos on Facebook.)

  • For me, cycling is all about the stories we tell after the ride.  I think Strava is starting to get it! :)   

    Beyond browser support, I'd like to see captions, re-ordering, links to high-resolution images, and manual map placement.  I'd love to see more tools to let us document and share our rides, like place-able flags, color coded segments, comment bubbles and full-screen maps.  

    Here's to mud in your face Elle! :) (


  • Merci beaucoup pour cette amélioration.

  • Hi Elle Anderson.  I did a test and i inserted a photo on a "test ride".   So, i removed my ride by phone, but the photo is on strava ye t(when i use strava on my computer).how could i removed? 

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