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As one of the most popular features on Strava, we hear a lot of feedback about Challenges and what our community would like to see in the future. Please use this forum to leave your thoughts on Strava Challenges and what we could do to make them better. 

Let us know: 

  • What you think of the difficulty of our challenges
  • Your favorite types of challenges (distance, time, elevation gain)
  • Any feedback about the Challenge Gear offered
  • What gets you the most fired up to complete a challenge 
  • If you have a great idea for a challenge theme
  • What you think of the Challenge Discussion pages

If you need direct technical help with participation in a Challenge, or have a technical issue/question, please reach out to us directly by clicking "login" at the top of this page, then "Submit a Request". 


Existing feature suggestions in our Community: 

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More Strava Challenges for Elevation

More variety for Running Challenges

Multi-sport Strava Challenges


Thank you! 



  • I have read some posts on indoor challenges and I agree with people that we should have atleast the indoor challenges in Strava. I am specifically talking about zwift community where there are least chances of someone manipulating speed or distance manually (unless I am unaware of any way). But the effort that we put on indoor rides is almost the same as outdoors. I love the strava challenges and I do want to be a part of those. I ride in India and trust me everytime we ride outdoors its like a battle field against cars and crazy traffic. So I think for the overall indoor community we should have some virtual challenges. of course nothing like fresh air but only if you could find in my country.

  • Actually, cheating is easy in Zwift. Just lie about your weight. If I say I am half my weight, I double my watts/kg and go twice as fast.

  • Hi, I don't know if strava still reads this, but I would love to see a triathlon challenge.  As someone who swims, bikes and runs, when I join the challenges for just biking or just running, I really only get to include 1/3rd of my workouts.  It would be amazing for me if I could do a challenge where I get to include all of my workouts.  

    As a specific suggestion in line with another post I saw about this, you could make it 9x swimming distance and 3x running distance, and I wouldn't worry about ratios of how much one does of any of the three sports, that is overcomplicating it and if a pure biker or pure runner wants to enter the triathlon challenge, that doesn't hurt anything, to the contrary, we would love to encourage pure runner or bikers to switch up their workouts a bit.  

    In sum, I would be thrilled if there was a multisport challenge.  No matter how it is done, I would just love a challenge that included all my swim, bike run workouts.

  • Since the start of 2016 there have been the usual array of monthly challenges, which is cool; however....


    Any chance of seeing a little..... variety - both for running and cycling - in what come through in the future?


    Challenges with shorter/longer timespans, or which start mid-month?

    Possibly some different objectives? A combination of distance and elevation, or something based on travel time?


    Basically something to mix it up a bit!!



  • Agree with that.

    How about some Flash challenges, out of the blue with 24 hours to complete and some prizes on offer?

  • Climbing challenges for runners seem to be too easy. 1500 or 1750 m of climb is often covered in just 1 or 2 long training runs. I'd suggest at least 5000 m.

  • How do I withdraw from a challenge I joined by mistake?

  • It would be great if the challenges were more locale based.

    For example, the climbing and distance challenges get longer and higher for the US summer, but in Australia, that means challenges are the hardest in winter and easiest in summer.

  • Would like Challenges that could be focused on indoor training, especially as winter is in one of the hemispheres  

  • Is there a way for me to change the display to miles?  I know the whole world is on km.  I get that.  Sometimes I want km.  Sometimes I want miles.  There are good reasons for that particularly with running.  It seems like a universally desired feature.  Am I misunderstanding how to do it?  I track my stuff in miles, but when I got to my challenges, I want to see it in miles AND I want to see it in miles to the hundredth place.  I convinced my brothers to use Strava instead of Nike + to challenge each other because the collaboration seemed so much easier, and now they are making fun of me for some of these feature gaps...

  • Personally I would like to be able to create a private challenge - yes I could do this with another app or an excel spreadsheet, but I am already uploading my sessions to Strava.  The activity I want to use is not Running or Cycling so it doesn't fall into any of the existing challenges either.  I would be happy to test a mod if Strava is willing to create it!

    PS the activity doesn't exist on Strava yet either - horseback riding. I have to use Virtual Ride.


  • When you complete part or all of a challenge nothing shows up in the Android app. You have to go on a PC to see or share it. Can this be rectified?

  • Is it possible to add challenges for sports that do not concern Running or Cycling?


    like a distance challenge and a Speed challenge for "inline skating"...


    once i've recorded a "cycling" activity...I can change it to the correct sport : inline skate

    But I believe it's then not supported by the existing challenges

    as they are all limited to cycling/running

  • I'd like to see more variety of challenges, for example a virtual time trial 25 k for cyclist.  

  • MTB

    Most of the Cycling challenges are great for road bike but hard for MTB riders to compete for distance and elevation.  I think a good target would be kJ for the measured amount of work accumulated over multiple rides.  Or just more calorie based challenges (seems there are few).  Thanks in advance.

  • Not sure where to post his but the listing of "results" for Challenges has gone crazy lately! It seems to be listing every challenge everyone has joined on the front page every day (and saying they've completed it!) so the whole Activities page is just full of erroneous Challenge listings. Can you please fix it (but back to how it was - i.e. only listing actual completion)??

  • My club want create a challenge, How can we do for create it?

  • The distances/climbing goals are *usually* out of my reach or what is healthy/sustainable for my body.  Yet, I find trying to go after an achievable badge (when they do come up) extremely motivating and actually result in me riding much more than I would otherwise.

    It also doesn't make sense that the badges are usually all for 8,000m/1250km every month.  How do they even decide this and why does it usually stay in the same range? 

    You should definitely have a beginner AND intermediate AND advanced category for each badge.  

    Also, why are women's and men's standings separate, but not the challenge goal itself isn't?  Why go through the trouble to specifically separate men/women in standings in default view, but not the challenge goal itself?

    I think Strava product is mature enough now to make some interesting changes on Challenges.

  • It would be nice if there was any variety to the cycling challenges. It just the same Gran Fondo (100km), Distance, Climbing every month since I joined. And the distance and climbing can be tough if you aren't in an area great for that, or at a training level/time commitment to reach. I just feel like there is only one realistic challenge for me every month (Gran Fondo) and it's the same every month.

    Examples: Half-Century (50 mi or even 50km), shorter monthly distance, or weekly distance (250 mi). Maybe a 'one ride' climbing challenge (Gain 1000' in  one day) or something. They could be more creative too, like "ride 20 miles from home". Just anything that gets people to try something different or new would be appreciated.

  • The challenges really need more entry level stuff. Currently, they just feel very alienating and only for athletes way above where I am and where I ever will be. Just entered the October Cycling Challenge to find out that I will only get a badge if I ride more than 1250km. Really? I'm in the middle of a six-month-long process of building up to 100km a week that is taxing my arthritic 50-year-old frame enough as it is already, thank you. More stratification please...

  • It's pretty disappointing that this thread has loads of great ideas for challenges but none as far as my aware have been used. Seems that nobody is taking any notice.

  • Multisport athletes need a challenge mix/combo/list/badge(s) to combine for duathletes and triathletes.  Really really need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes to this people! Pump this up onto their radar!

  • There appears to be no easy way to give Kudos or add comments from the "Activity Feed" as friends complete challenges

    This looks like an oversight.

  • Cycling is so much more than distance and elevation, and with all your new plans that offer data analysis, etc, why not create some challenges that motivate and inspire training disciplines? For example:

    Speed Challenges

    - Fastest 200m, 500M, 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 10K, 10mi, 40K (restricted to under a certain grade average)

    Power Zone/Time Challenges

    - Most monthly time in threshold, VO2max, Anaerobic, etc.

    And so on....


  • some challenge ideas:


    "1 more" - you unlock the badge by riding 1 more ride than your highest # in the twelve trailing months.   Sure... people can get it "easily" but then.... there are plenty of people for whom 8,000m2 of climbing is also easy (or a Gran Fondo)


    "Explorers"  I think that there was one like this once upon a time -  you unlock by doing new-to-you trails   maybe "at least X hours"  or "at least Z km" on new segments


    "Social Club"  ride at least X rides with other Strava users


    "The Regular" - a non-commute ride that you do at least 20 times in one year


    "Heat Mapper"  -  3 badges;  A) riding 33% of the available roads/trails within 5 miles of your home/office.   B) Riding 75% of them;  C) riding 100%       or use the computer (we have computers!!) to determine X km of roads within Y radius of "starting point"  so that everyone is on a more level playing field.  ie:  I live in San Francisco. We have a LOT of roads within 5 miles.   Someone who lives in the suburbs might have relatively few roads so would get a bigger circle.


    IronButt Badge for 100 hours on the rivet in a given month


    some other sort of challenge that relates to things other than distance/speed/elevation but rather to behavior  

  • or "fresh tracks"  for being the first person to ride a given road on strava, ever

    there probably aren't so many new roads to be found, but maybe there are

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