New App Record screen is a mess

My Android Strava app updated yesterday to 4.5 with the new Record interface and I am having a hard time coming up with something nice to say about the new interface.

The old interface was simple to navigate and made sense (for the most part), but you have tried to cram too many settings buttons on the new one and it's a cluttered mess. Do we really need 4 different settings buttons on this screen? Couldn't all of the settings be put under a single button in a logical place rather than all over the screen?

Additionally, why does the "record" button look like a "play" button? A record button is generally known as a circle or square with a red circle in the middle; whereas a button with an arrow in it is know as a play button.

Please clean up this mess.



  • Takes a bit of getting used to, but it becomes better after a couple of uses - Nice update I'd say!


    Only comment would be - Can we have back the average speed display alongside the instantaneous speed display please!!

  • Who needs it.  The old interface worked perfectly.  The new interface is just confusing clutter. Give me the old interface back please!!!!

  • I am starting to get used to the new screen and app. Autopause for running works great and I seem to lock on to satellites quicker. At least the halo gets small around my location fast and the run is recorded accurately. Still can't find where you can set it to tell you your distance and split time like the old app did. I am using an LG Volt 2 running Android 5.1.1 and so far it is working great. Just need to get used to the new look.
  • Apart from the record button now illogically becoming a play button I'd like the lock button feature back. I run and ride with my phone in my back pocket. I thought if the phones lock screen comes on the activity would be safe. Today came back fr
  • I agree with John Gray...  what was wrong with the old interface.  Press record and put in your pocket and go.... I can see how this new one will work well if you have it strapped to your bike.... But who does that?

    Aside from that this new version is not picking up my GPS as easily leading to missed rides

  • Why is the new display only showing avg heart rate? What's the point of a HRM if I can't see my actual heart rate? Is this going to change so that actual HR shows?

  • as Warrick Mosen says above, it is great for a bike ride but for runs now it is far too complicated!! 

    I'm also having problems not being able to find me until about 0.5km down my route where as previously it had no problems finding me!!

  • I had no idea there was a new screen.  Had to log in here to find that out.  Couldn't we have been given some kind of notice and explanation?  I haven't used it yet because I couldn't figure it out.  I too put my phone in a pocket or holder and ignore for duration of run or ride, so I hope that still works; also the voice comments on miles and time.

  • It's terrible. Have to pause your ride to look at any other screen, like say segment explorer. Big fail. Also has had more issues synching completed rides. Terribly frustrating. Considering canceling premium membership.
  • @Ciaran - I've opened a support case for you so that an agent can look into the GPS issues. 

  • Since 4.5 two rides have been recorded only with 1 second and many kilometers got lost - there is no way to see if the GPS has found signal.... 

  • Hi Gerrit - hope the following helps:

    GPS strength indicator

    There are no longer green status bars for GPS signal strength. Instead you'll see a halo around your location indicating accuracy. The smaller the halo the stronger the GPS signal. 

  • I'm not digging this new record screen at all. Messed with my phone during a couple ride and it stopped recording. Not sure what I'm doing but I did not intend to stop recording. It needs to be intuitive kinda like the old record screen where I never had a problem. Just saying...

  • @G Man: In our experience, trouble with recording an activity in terms of GPS accuracy, incomplete recordings, and connectivity issues are not related to the version of the Strava app. Instead, we've found these issues are linked with the phone's GPS hardware, and the software interface to feed the GPS data into the Strava app. 

    Please take a look at some troubleshooting steps to address your phones GPS:



  • I restarted the app, because I didn't see my usual record screen. & THEN realised it had changed .....for the worse! The symbols are not obvious, but I did muddle through recording a run. Bring back old simple one for old simple guy!
  • I am totally baffled how the heart rate is avg only??? Why??? What is the point in seeing my avg heart rate 20 min into my ride? You guys really messed up a good thing. I was a huge proponent of your app, telling all my friends to join... Now I'm leaving.
  • Hi Dennis- perhaps the information in this post will help:

    We made some changes with the record screen, and now some stats on the record screen are only available to Premium members. Current heart rate, for example, is available with the Premium version. Hope that helps. 

  • The new interface is awful.

    Please revert back to the old one or create a second app for those who are interested in the live feature.


    Also, 4.5 on android broke auto-resume for me.  Lost two rides this week because it paused at 10 seconds and never resumed before.  In the previous over 4,000 miles of riding this year it never happened.

    Is there a way to upgrade to the old version?

  • @Andreas - take a look at one of my previous posts where I include GPS troubleshooting steps for Android. In our experience, it's usually GPS that causes the trouble with recordings, not the app version. However, sometimes after an update some quirks with the GPS communication with the app need to be worked out. 

  • The new update is not an improvement. The old interface was very clear. I missed logging one ride completely, because I didn't know it had updated and couldn't take the time to figure it out before setting out. It has logged three rides inaccurately since then. It has gotten the distance wrong twice. It has gotten the time wrong twice and has gotten the MPH wrong once. Obviously, it's not picking up the gps all the time. Can't understand why this would be different. My last ride was logged at 5.4 miles in 17:24 minutes with 51 calories burned. The only way that I would have done 5.4 miles in 17 minutes is if it was all down hill. I'm very disappointed. I guess I used to take Strava for granted. It did a good job all the time. I don't think that I can trust it anymore. I'm very disappointed that Strava took a product that worked perfectly and messed it up.

  • Not sure i can see much point in continuing to use Strava. Have had nothing but issues since you "upgraded". Won't always auto start, won;t always sync no matter what i try. New interface is unnecessarily complex and not intuitive. Considering there are alternatives out there I'm surprised you see so unconcerned about all the negative comments you are receiving. BTW, I have a Samsung 4 with latest update.

  • In addition to my previous comment, before the update you could turn off your mobile data and just rely on the phones GPS tracker to track your activity; now you have to have an internet connection to use/record your efforts!

    Strava, could you please allow the feature of no internet connection required? i don't want real time segments efforts when i'm running!

  • Bye Bye Strava - it was interesting while it lasted. Not managed to record one of my 6 rides since the update. Can't be bothered to record manually any longer.

  • @Elle

    nope nothing to do with GPS.  SImultaneous recorded with Garmin 500 - no problem there.  Old version worked w/o hiccup.
    Always ride from home in an area that you are well familiar with (UV - ride with Mike B etc)

    This is a 4.5 issue.

  • Andreas - Yes, I know your area and some folks you ride with well. 

    Unfortunately, the Garmin's GPS is completely unrelated to your Android. The issue occurs with the operating system on the Android, and how it collects data from the GPS hardware in your phone, processes the data, and sends it to Strava (and also how Strava records and saves it).

    It's not uncommon for updates (both for apps and OS updates) to mess up some processes like GPS data. What I suspect is that there is a disconnect between the Android OS processing the GPS location data and then sending it to Strava.

    Please, if you haven't already, walk through the troubleshooting steps in the article, turn the phone off/on, etc. as these actions can greatly improve your Strava recordings! 

    And keep me posted on your observations. 

  • @Ciaran, I haven't encountered the issue you report - You can still turn off cell data and record with GPS only as long as you begin with a good GPS connection. Perhaps turn off Live segments, as these certainly won't work while cell data is turned off. 

  • I've lost data on two of four rides since the "update." That's more important than the fact that I also hate the new interface. It worked; why did you 'fix' it? 

  • I had only used the old app for a couple of rides before the new one was introduced; it was very easy to use for a not so 'tech savvy' person. Takes a bit of working out, and not there yet. I stopped the activity (ride) a mile from my house on a timed route. when I got home it had continued recording. Not sure where I'm going wrong, so at the moment I can't trust Strava to do the biz. For me the old on/off worked well.

  • @Tim - 

    Please see the instructions to troubleshoot your GPS in the comments below:

  • I cannot believe that Strava can be so blind to all these comments blaming the GPS on our Android phones. Strava worked *PERFECTLY* before the July update. It *NEVER EVER* failed me but is now completely unreliable! It is far from accurate and a complete mess missing data throughout and failing to upload when done. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to how it was as we cannot use this terrible new version!!! If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it!

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