Averages missing on new app record screen

Now finally we can see live speed as premium member, avs is gone!. Please add. Love the app and site.



  • Absolutely agree - the updates are great, but bring back average speed along side live speed please
  • Also agree. Live is a great addition but not at the loss of average speed. Please bring back average speed without me having to stop and check.
  • Totally agree.  Non-premium members still have the average speed displayed, but premium ones are forced to seen the live speed... not a good way to make sure people keep their premium memberships.  I hope this isn't the beginning of the end for a (previously) top-notch app.  

  • i think the new screen is nice but i rly miss the average speed, because for battery safe reasons i only turn on screen sometimes to look if im good in average time!!!

  • Hello - 

    If you manually pause the app by pressing the "stop" button, you will see the average speed/average pace displayed on the screen. Simply resume to continue recording. 

    Does that help answer the questions about average speed? 

  • Nice to know it's still available, but having to manually pause recording in order to see it leads to (potentially unsafe) fumbling with the phone.  There is plenty of real estate on the main live recording screen to add another indicator that is viewable with a quick glance down at the screen and doesn't require taking the hands off the bars... hoping to see this added back in a new minor update. 

  • Was aware that average is available when pausing but for me this is still a step backwards from the previous version. It needs to be on the live screen if it is still on non-premium members screens I am very tempted to end my subscription.
  • @Elle Anderson

    I am aware of that but its kinda complicated to pause the track to see your average time especially while cycling, i mean i lose some data if i pause the track and im on the ride? Besides i have to press the pause button twice and before i only have to power on/off my screen!

    The perfect solution would be the possibility to chose your own screen board. Heartrate, average time, actual speed etc.. Whatever you want u can put in the center, top right top left whatever that would be great :)

  • Until this week, my (free, mac) strava showed neither average nor instantaneous speed; it showed average speed over whatever fraction of a mile I had run since the mileage counter had incremented up to a new whole number for mileage. That actually worked well because I could run splits starting at the top of the mile and get my pace over the distance. Average over the whole run (the current setting for free accounts) is useless and instantaneous (allegedly the current setting for paid accounts) is also useless because it bounces around too much, and because the average of instantaneous speed over an increment does not equal the average speed over that increment (ask your physics teacher). Other free programs let you choose which pace you want to see - it might be time to abandon ship.

  • (I was wrong about the math in my previous comment, but I stand by my preference for the old strava speed calculations.)

  • For Premium members, please see this feedback forum to vote on showing average speed on the Strava Live record screen. 



    *For the Free version of the app, Average Speed is available on the record screen as well as the paused screen. 

  • Hi Elle - To be clear then, is the only way to have average speed showing on the mobile app without pausing the ride to downgrade from premium to free.....?


    I'll be honest and say that I - like many others I guess - made a request on this forum for current speed to be added to the record screen, but I'd assumed this would be made as an addition to the functionality, not either/or.


    Do you see this being resolvable?

  • Hi Stu - we hear you. 

    As I stated in the forum linked in my previous comment, in the future we hope to make the record screen customizable so that Premium users can adjust for the display fields they wish to see. 

  • Sports tracker (originally from Nokia) - and your competitor - has been able to display a lot of information in a very small amount of realestate (I was using it on my N97). They have a (obvious to me) function where the user could toggle between current speed and average speed with a simple touch. I'm sure that this would be a good (and simple) solution to solve the apparent lack of space on today's larger phone.

    With the introduction of current speed alone I was thinking of purchasing a premium account, but now that I have heard I would lose my average speed, I'll keep my money.

    Thanks to everyone in this forum for highlighting what I would lose if I upgraded. 

  • What regular user of Strava in their right mind would do away with ave speed on display? Obviously no consultation was made re the update, nor was it decided on by a cyclist. Madness
  • Hello Ellie,

    I don't suppose there has been an update to this? It seems a little crazy that I'm going to have to downgrade my membership to free just so that I can get something that I can't get now that I'm paying for the service.

    It seems a little crazy when any other app I've used shows all this data and more by default?

  • Hi Elle, 


    Just wondering if there is an ETA for when premium members might be able to view average speed during rides again?



  • We've not had any comment on this for a while - Strava, any news......?

  • Please add the average speed to strava premium, while recording the activity. Thanks.

  • I totally agree - I second this, live average speed please.

  • I really miss average speed! Please bring it back, it is madness that premium users pay more and don't get something that free users do. I love everything about Strava, except this which is a real flaw, please please let us see average and actual speeds alongside each other

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