Show/Compare all segments in common with a Strava friend/follower

I know almost the same post exist with the title "Show/Compare all segments in common with another Strava user" but it was created in March 2012 so I put a new one.

I think a HUGE improvement in Strava can be (for all the segments you have in common with a friend/follower) to be able to have in one page the list of the segments where your friend is behind you and the list where he is ahead (with the respectives times).

With this improvement you can challenge/compare each other and this give you some extra goals.

It can be really really FUN and really GREAT and I hope this features will arrive in Strava !!!!!!!!

What do you think about that ?



  • I think I've been hoping this feature would arrive since at least 2012.  Not hopeful that Strava is actually interested in implementing user suggested improvements.

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  • je trouve que ce serait une tres bonne idée

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  • good idea

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