Prior-Year (Last 365 days, NOT annual) Rolling Achievement Awards

Obviously the "2015 KOM" cups were not well-received. However, I see where Strava was coming from: keeping things fresh and engaging. What about a similar -- but less arbitrary -- system of "Rolling Achievements"?

If I ride on May 9, 2016, my effort is compared to every effort between May 9, 2015 and today (ie, the prior 365 days) and KOM/Achievement placed accordingly.

  1. Trails often change (MTB) meaning the trail may be much slower this year than last, making a fresh KOM impossible even for the same rider.
  2. It encourages repeat attempts by those resting on their laurels for an effort they posted 3 years ago on a particularly good (windy) day.
  3. It removes the arbitrary date reset, and would include efforts from all seasons in the previous 365 days.
  4. Every day might provide a new chance for a KOM if the previous record is about to pass into the annals of history.

Or if a 365 day KOM still saturates the feed too much, perhaps a 3-year or 5-year roller? 




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