Miles and Kilograms display option

In Display Preferences / Units & Measurement you are given the choice of "Miles & Pounds" or "Kilometres & Kilograms" which seems unnecessarily restrictive. In the UK for example we use miles for distance but are just as likely to use kgs as we are to use lbs for weight (and more likely as time goes by). It would be useful therefore to be able to select miles for distance and kilograms for weight.



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    I believe you may be interested in jumping into this discussion Dave. 

    Thanks for the feedback. 

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  • You may be interested, Dave, but it's been 2.5 yrs Ms Anderson - why ZERO progress ..?!

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  • 2018 and still no support for UK users who use miles, kilograms and Celsius.  Come on Strava this is basic to resolve.

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  • And now we are half way through 2019.. COME ON STRAVA, FIX THIS FFS!!

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