Enhanced privacy mode keeps turning off

As the title suggests, my enhanced privacy mode keeps reverting to off. I have to go in every day or so, turn it back on and save. I've tried this on the phone, web, etc. It is maddening!



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    A few other members have gotten back to us with a solution to try. In the mobile app, 'pressing and dragging' the toggle to enable Enhanced Privacy does not save. Instead, simply 'tap' the setting to enable, then save. 

    Give that a try, and let us know if the setting sticks after that. 

  • I turned Enhanced Privacy Mode back on yesterday, and checked later in the day to confirm it was still on. I went back today, and it was back to being Off. 

  • I've been going back and forth with Strava support on this and they refuse to admit there is any problem with their software. They instead advised me to clear my cache and cookies on every browser I access Strava from daily as the solution.

    I did it the first time they asked and it didn't help. I did it the second time, didn't help. Now they say to keep doing it.

    No. I am sorry, that is NOT a solution. There is a flaw with their software that they need to address. I said this to them in my last update. If they refuse to look into this and keep insisting my browsers are the problem, I will have no choice but to deactivate my account.

  • Hi Dori, 

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I will work with the support agent assigned to your ticket to see if we can find a better solution to this problem. I appreciate your patience and sorry again! 

  • I experience the same as the enhance privacy mode keep turning off and new 'stranger' keep like my workout.

    Please resolve the security fast, it is unsafe.

  • Thank you Elle. 

    They closed my ticket with the explanation that this is how it is intended to behave, so I replied to reopen it. I have a hard time believing that a setting would revert on purpose. Why have a setting in that case? Now we are in the back and forth commenting again. This is very frustrating. 

  • I've noticed an increase in random people throughout the world giving me kudos on Zwift rides. It's sorta cool and creepy at the same time.

    Strava - Please, please provide some true security for your users, especially the paying ones. To me, "Enhanced Privacy Mode" should not only define privacy but also some sort of enhanced version of it. As it stands, there is nothing enhanced about it. The security controls are super weak and appears to be an afterthought. Apologies for the harshness, but security should always be a top priority.

    Looking forward to a response in about 3+ months! ;)

  • @Dori, I believe you are in good hands with our support team. Please work with them through the ticket as they are more qualified to assist you than trying to get help in this feedback discussion area. 

    @Ted, we agree that privacy is always a priority. I think the biggest challenge here is in the communication of our enhanced privacy features and what that means. Each activity page is a public page and anyone on Strava can interact with your public data. Enhanced Privacy locks down your profile page so that Strava users who aren't following you can't access your complete activity history. I hope that explanation helps. 

  • That explanation doesn't help because the behavior we experience does not match the behavior on the screen where we select "Enhanced Privacy mode." When I select it, it means I do not want people I don't approve following me, yet every day I get more followers I don't know. 

  • Thanks Dori, and I know how frustrating this problem is for you. It sounds to me like you are experiencing a unique issue with the Enhanced Privacy setting which means it is not working as it was designed. By design, with Enhanced Privacy you should receive requests to follow you, and other users should not be able to follow you without your prior approval. 

    Please follow up with our support team through your ticket, as this discussion thread is not an ideal place to troubleshoot this issue you're experiencing. Thanks.

  • I've just found this thread.  Elle, it looks like your are making some good efforts to resolve this.  I wanted to add that Dori's experience is not unique, as I have repeatedly set my privacy to Enhanced Privacy, and it keeps reverting on its own.  I also have random people following and giving kudos and I would prefer to stop this.  My Strava account is linked to Garmin Connect and updates from there.  Does this have anything to do with the settings not behaving as we would expect?

  • Mine is linked to Garmin Connect as well -- that is an interesting angle, thank you for bringing it up Gill. 

  • Dori and Gill, no account settings should changed by Garmin Connect. The Garmin Connect sync only sends activity files. 

    Enhanced Privacy does not prevent other Strava users from giving Kudos on public activities. Enhanced Privacy only prevents your activities from being viewed from your profile page - otherwise, every activity page is public unless the activity page is made completely private. 

    Anyone on Strava can request to follow your profile, but Enhanced Privacy means that each request needs to be approved before the user can follow you. I've checked both of your notifications, and I cannot find any examples of other Strava users following you without requesting first. Dori, you have just one notification of a request to follow (as is expected) and Gill I cannot find anyone who has requested to follow you, or has simply followed you without requesting, recently.

    Gill, please contact us directly in a support ticket so we can troubleshoot. 

  • Hi Elle - thanks for responding. I have one request to follow now, because my Enhanced Privacy Setting is "ON." But when it turns itself off, that is when I get new unapproved followers. I am simply asking that an engineer look into why it keeps switching to "OFF" on its own because I should not have to manually change it myself all the time, nor should I have to continually block followers I never approved. Thank you. 

  • Same problem here.  Having to "re-click" to turn Enhanced security ON every day.  Will continue to follow this thread to see if a solution is found.

  • I am having this same issue. I have repeatedly turned on the "Enhanced Privacy" settings only to see later I have new followers and it is again set to "off". 

  • Strava support agents refuse to acknowledge this is a bug and they have declined to assist or escalate to the appropriate engineering department on my support ticket. I hope someone else will have a better result. Until they admit something is wrong, this will just keep happening. 

  • I'm having the same issue.  I've turned on "enhanced privacy mode" daily for the last week.  I keeps reverting back to off. 

  • I am having the same issue. I have turned my enhanced privacy on every day for the last week.  I have logged out of my other devices to see if that would solve the problem but has not.  Today I turned it on twice.

  • Update:  my privacy setting has stayed on all week.  I'll continue to monitor it.  I turned it on from my pc and phone many times until it stayed that way (so far).

  • so is this going to be fixed or what?

  • @Greg, were you able to try my recommendations at the top of this thread? 

  • @Elle - I don't mean to speak for Greg, but I think he might be wondering the same thing as me: Will this be logged as a bug and will a fix be implemented into a future release? A sometimes-working workaround is fine for now, but ultimately we wouldn't want to have to rely on a workaround. My Premium membership expires at the end of this month and I won't be renewing it, because my money doesn't seem to go to improving broken product functionality. 

  • it's irrelevant since I'm doing it in the browser not the mobile app.

  • Thanks Dori, Greg, 

    I kindly request that you try tapping the Enhanced Privacy setting in the mobile app to save. We cannot document this as a bug if we cannot reproduce it in the office or if we don't have further examples and information from you, our members. My apologies. 

  • Same problem here. I tried everything from mobile and website but it keep turning off or messing up.

    I'm going to give strava a couple of days before I'll cancel my accounts as I feel unsafe.



  • I am having this recurring problem - enhanced privacy (no matter whether set via a web page or the app) keeps reverting to "off" after approx 24 hours.

    Any comment please @Strava gratefully received??


  • This issue will keep happening until Strava Support agrees this is a bug and logs it as such. They keep putting the burden on us customers to find workarounds when they really need to just fix the problem. I'm confused as to why they wouldn't want to improve something that is broken?

  • I just let my membership lapse, I find strava annoying anyway

  • We are still actively investigating this. 

    Can I have any one of you please try the suggestion to "tap" instead of "press and drag" the mobile settings? The reason there is a delay with a resolution here is we can't figure out what the bug is, it's a complete mystery to our team. 

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