Enhanced privacy mode keeps turning off

As the title suggests, my enhanced privacy mode keeps reverting to off. I have to go in every day or so, turn it back on and save. I've tried this on the phone, web, etc. It is maddening!



  • I can only "tap"on my app, Android version, there is no press and drag ability just a box for Enhanced Privacy that needs tapping.

    I don't know if it is related but I have also noticed that changing my name (eg to add a club name) adds ok when do via web page but is also reverting to previous setting after 24 hours.

    So now I have my enhanced privacy disabling itself and profile name settings not saving for more than 24 hours.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Enhanced Privacy turns itself off, seemingly every day.

    I am setting it online (through a browser). It appears to save okay (it tells me it has) but then it changes back the next time I look.

  • I am able to get the Enhanced Privacy to stay Toggled ON but it still allows anyone to follow me without requesting permission and accepting it on my end. I'm also not sure if my activity is still public.

  • I just found this thread as my Strava app keeps doing the same thing. I will go to Notifications (on my iPhone 6+) and turn off the ones I don't want. A few days later I'll receive another email about a friend's activity, and when I check the app it'll have reversed my settings so all notifications are turned on.

    Is there really no way to fix this?

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