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I love Strava! I just wish I could organize my Routes by distance, elevation, rating, starting location, road vs mtn Bike), or even more simply be able to search the route name would be a great improvement. 

Thanks for the great App!



  • It can be a nice app of Adam R. But first I cannot find it in the Strava supported apps list. And second when I go to the site, my anti virus app is warning me it is a not trusted site. Unless I am missing something and it is in one of the Strava supported apps groups, I will not use it or at least I am hesitated to use it.

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  • Hi Johan and others, I'm glad my little site continues to get love here. The site's SSL certificate is currently expired which is why you are getting that warning from your browser. I have not had time to keep up with the site lately, but seeing as Strava STILL inexplicably doesn't have any of these features, I'll spend some time over the holiday getting it back up and running. Thanks for your feedback.

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  • hi

    when your site is back up Adam i'll start using that.

    This is a much needed and probably relatively easy feature for strava to implrement

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  • Is the idea completing 4 years?

    That's right, production? I not believe.

    I think we can make feature requests for Strava, right? I understand that this route organization is essential and I also know that it is relatively simple to do.

    Come on Strava! Give us attention. ;)

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