Support for the Wahoo RFLKT+ Barometric Altimeter data

As of June 2016, the Strava app for iPhone no longer supports direct connection with the RFLKT device for recording. However, you can instead record with the Wahoo Fitness app and set up the automatic sync from Wahoo to Strava. 

One outstanding request is for Strava to recognize the elevation data supplied by the RFLKT+'s barometric altimeter. 

I'm working to determine IF the Wahoo Fitness app is able to supply the correct elevation data and device tags for Strava to read and recognize the elevation. 

For those of you with this device, can you reply here with how you use the device and how you upload your data to Strava? Also, please include example activity URLS where elevation was not recognized by Strava (and instead recalculated) 

Thanks for your help. 



  • @Elle hi!

    Thanks for setting up.

    Further to the previous dialogue on the old thread, I had a look back through some of my rides earlier in the year.

    It would appear that at one stage, everything seemed to be working OK. The main reason I noted was that device name ‘RFLKT+’ was showing on Strava:

    The elevation for that ride appeared pretty good. I also noticed that at that time, temperate data was not available.

    Something seemed to happen around 10-13 Feb, as that's when the device indicator disappeared and the elevation data getting knocked out started.

    (430m elevation vs an actual elevation of 95m) 

    Coincidentally, this was also when temperature started to appear.


    I've also dropped a note to Dub at Wahoo, who had been looking at some of the previous discrepancies.

    To cover the last point. I'm recording using Wahoo Fitness and RFLKT+ on Android, then using the 'Share to Strava' option from within the app.  

    Cheers Liam

  • Hi Liam, Thanks again. 

    As I suspected:

    The pre-February activity was synced using the TCX file format which included a device ID that correctly identified your device as the Wahoo RFLKT+ and kept the elevation data on Strava.

    The post-February activity was synced using the FIT file format, which apparently does not include any device ID. 

    I wish I could help here, but I can't and here's why:

    1) FIT files are a closed format and cannot be opened in a basic text editor. Therefore, it's not possible to manually add the correct device ID.

    2) Strava doesn't have any say in the device ID because this file is sent to us from Wahoo. Because Strava can't identify the device, we can't keep the elevation data. 

    Thanks for reaching out to Wahoo. We will try to communicate this issue to them via our contacts as well. 

  • Latest update: This is probably only for Android, and our team is working on reaching out to Wahoo. 

  • Elle hi!

    Thanks for the updates. Sounds promising, in terms of hopefully having identified the issue.

    Based on your feedback on .fit vs .tcx file limitations, I did try exporting a .tcx file from this mornings ride, instead of using the auto upload .fit option.

    I then manually imported this into Strava:

    Unfortunately, the device name did not show in this instance and i guess as a result the altitude discrepancy was there: 352 vs 80m

    Hope that helps

  • Hi Elle

    This is disappointing.

    I usually follow a map on Strava on my phone and 'cast' the speed/cadence/distance etc from Strava to the RFLKT device (so I had the map on my phone and numerical data on my RFLKT+).

    I updated to the most recent app version of Strava and I see that this is no longer supported.

    If I record with Wahoo app, there isn't the same option to follow maps etc. which basically makes the RFLKT+ redundant.

    I don't need to record from the RFLKT+, but what I do want is to cast data from the Strava app to the RFLKT+

    Could this please be reinstalled?

    Many thanks for your help


  • I use the Wahoo app to record the ride on an iPhone 6.  After saving the ride, I use the "Share" feature to upload it to Strava.  There's an option to email the data and it gives me all the various file formats I could want, but I have no idea what format is used when sharing directly w/ Strava using my Strava ID and password.

    I took a test ride and uploaded it to Strava via the Wahoo app share button.

    On Strava, it shows that the device is a Wahoo RFLKT+.  All I really see is an elevation of 253 ft.  I can look at the graph, but the scale is 0-800 ft and the max elevation is 337, so there's not enough scale to see the up's & down's when it varies between 200-350 ft.  Looking a the Wahoo app ride history, it shows a total climb of 130 ft with a start elevation of 206 ft.

    I don't have a ride prior to Feb w/ the Wahoo app, as I didn't get the Blue SC & RFLKT+ until March.


  • I find it very interesting that my elevation data is very different based on the site I look at.

    I recorded the ride on an iPhone 6+ using the Wahoo Fitness app v5.7.7 (20160312.1) and a Wahoo Blue SC for distance/cadence data and the Wahoo RFLKT+ for displaying the data.

    My most recent ride, Wahoo Fitness says I started at 299 ft and had a total climb of 526 ft.  Total distance was 28.31 mi with an average speed of 14.68 and w/ a max speed of 26.56 mph.  Average cadence was 62 RPM w/ a max of 96 RPM.

    I used the "Share" feature to quickly upload/share the ride w/ Strava, Ride With GPS and MapMyRide.

    Looking at the Strava app v4.17.0 (4119), Strava shows 28.2 miles ridden, 634 ft elevation gain, and 15.3 avg speed with a max of 26.2 mph.  I can't find the cadence info in the app.

    Looking at Strava via the web, it shows the same data as the app, but has an average cadence of 47 and a max of 107 RPMs and says the device is a Wahoo RFLKT+.

    Looking at Ride With GPS app, it shows 28.2 mi ridden, 757.4 ft elevation gain, 147. mph average & a max speed of 26.1 mph. Average cadence was 59.6 with a max of 107 RPMs.

    Looking at Ride With GPS via the web, I can't find the total elevation gain, just a +743 / -725.  It shows 14.8 mph average & a mox of 26.1 mph. Average cadence was 59.8 with a mox of 107 RPMs.  Seems like the averages are different from the app.

    Looking at MapMyRide via the web, it shows 28.32 miles ridden, average speed of 15.4 mph and average cadence of 62 rpms and an elevation gain of 828 ft.  It thinks the device was a Garmin Edge 800.

  • I haven't had any problems, but stumbled upon this thread where Elle asks how we use the device. I own a RFLKT (not a plus), so I don't have a barometric sensor in the device and use the one in my phone instead. I record using Locus Map, which connects to RFLKT using an addon I wrote, and is then able to upload the data to Strava including correct barometric altitudes. This works okay and I'm not having any problems.

    Unfortunately communication with Wahoo has been problematic. I had a few questions during the development of the Locus-RFLKT addon and I haven't received a single answer from them. It seems they're not interested in developers making their apps support the RFLKT, and I'm not at all surprised that Strava has dropped the support on both Android and iOS. :-/

  • Elle hi!

    Just wanted to check if any progress had been made on this outstanding request?


  • Hi Tomáš Janoušek!

    can you share addon for locus for connection with rflct?

    Does any changes needed for rflct+ version?


    It supports both RFLKT and RFLKT+, but doesn't use any of RFLKT+ features (ANT and temp/baro sensor).

  • it is a shame.

    But, by the way, I found how convert RFLKT+ altimeters data for Strava from Wahoo app. It isn't simple, but it works well. In Wahoo app you need save workout as FIT file to local storage. After, you need upload FIT to, change device to garmin edge 820 for example, and upload to Strava.

    May be somebody, who make apps, will doing little automate app for this operations?

  • Locus does this, it can upload to Strava without having elevation data stripped. Just load the exported file into Locus and export to Strava using Locus. If your phone has a barometric sensor, you might as well just use Locus for both recording and exporting. :-)

  • Found another easy offline way, but without temperature data. Export from wahoo to local TCX, change in any XML Editor tag ProductID blank field to 2530, save and upload to Strava.

  • Сергей Спицын - can you help and describe how are you able to save your workout as FIT file to the local storage? Wahoo Fitness v.5.9.5 on my iPhone 6s doesn't give me the option to choose FIT file.

  • I'm using Android phone. You may haven't this option, try email. Also, import/export through Locus do not change Device ID and altimeter data stripped by Strava.

    Wahoo hardly rewrite Fitness code in latest version. It's hard to recognize where Device ID completed in FIT exporter. So, I've done workout file saving with Device ID only for tcx export. But when you choose option "export to Strava" - it's uploading exactly FIT file.

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