Voice feedback options for cyclists.

There is so much that can be done with the strava feedback during a ride. Please allow at least the minimim with user adjustability. I want to know what mile I am on, what time of day it is, I want to know my average or current mph.  Runners get split times, why not cyclists? Mileage is my biggest concern. I may be out exploring and hoping to hit 50 miles. Adding an announcment setting every 1,2,5,10 miles or so would keep me riding and not fumbling for my ohine. Not everyone likes or has a garmin. I do not want to use an extra device for these simple bits of info. I pay a hefty price for the premium version of the best cycling app on the planet. Map my ride has tons of these features. We dont need A big app but just some basic audible setting would be more than welcome. 



  • I can't agree more with this request. Split times, and other updates are sorely needed for cyclists. I too switched from Map My Ride..and it's the only feature I miss.

    Please make these split options available to us riders.


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  • Agree.  I use Strava for both running and riding.  Still using MapMyRun for voice feedback but would pay for Strava premium if this feature was available

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