Possibility to choose MTB or drive on a road-bike.

There is a difference for consolidating a segment on a MTB or Road-Bike.........also big differences in time registration. It would be better if we can change the name of the drive we have made. In Holland there is only the possibility to choose for RIT and other sports, but not Mountain-biking or Road-biking. I can make that choice on Gramin Connect why not in Strava.!?



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  • Elle & Mark Shaw!,

    [this is posted to the common threads on same topic]


    It would be really useful if you could address the specific idea of properly using Ride *Subtype*. People get hung up about having a MTB vs Road category - which is sort of a red-herring - and also wouldn't be that useful (overall).

    by keeping *Ride* for all things cycling (one 1 to many wheels), lying, sitting, standing etc - you have a common baseline / superset for all leaderboards and clubs (by default).

    Then you add filters to leaderboards and to clubs for Ride *Sub-type* - this can be any of a number of things - Road, MTB, Unicycle, Trike, HPV, Recumbent, Elliptical.

    When you upload a ride you either select sub-type directly - or link it to a value associated with your gear selection. 

    That's it. Don't worry about segment categorisation - anyone who rides it gets logged with their ride sub-type which can then be used to filter leaderboard.

    One *nice* thing to do though would make it so that you can have multiple places on the leaderboard depending on the subtype - that is fair - its nice to see how fast you got up a ride on your MTB vs your road-bike - you don't have to add this - you could still figure it out by filtering - all your rides are still in there.

    This would also stop people creating multiple accounts for the different bikes they ride (I know lots of people who do this so they don't mess up particular bike club data which is only for one type of bike).

    I'm going to repost to the other common threads.



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