Hide and Unhide Segment Feature on Mobile Apps

I guess most of the people 70% on Mobile Strava Apps and 30% Web Strava Apps, i think it will be good if can have the Hide and Unhide segment on the Mobile Apps.

1. Because if that is a new segment created which we wouldn't knew about it, unless we logon to web to unhide all segment.

2. This is can reduce duplicate segment created,

3. It will be more convenient manage on Mobile Apps instead of Web Apps.

This feature really benefit to all the mobile users.



  • I know your comment is a year old, but it's such an obvious idea I can't believe it's not possible. 

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  • seem like no one is taking care my suggestion... hahaha

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  • Yeah, just the two of us. It seems like something everybody would want to do. Guess not....

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  • I agree with you, is quite annoying having to browse into a lot of dupplicated segments, even after having them hidden via Strava Web.


    Sorry for creating a separate thread, https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/requests/880801 

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  • How has this feature not been added yet? My rides are filling up with BS segments and you’re going to make me police it by having to use the website that I never use instead of the iOS that I can handle instantly. Crazy.

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  • The feature is basically pointless if it's not on mobile since only us psychos are looking on our computers. 


    It's an important feature too. I see lot's of new segments get buried under hidden because nobody knows about the ranking system. It took me a year to realize it for a sweet new local trail. I am pretty sure nobody here in Austin, TX knows about it. Of course they don't because it's not on mobile. 


    It is creating confusion around new segments and is hurting the user experience.


    Please add to mobile! And add elevation lost!

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