Training plan support in app

I need visual and audio help while do premium! training plan's workouts!!!

What you give us today is only daily mail with instructions for that day workout!!!

This is joke in 2016, furthermore its only premium feature...

All other apps implemented that already with even less monthly fee

I go back to runkeeper after two days try of strava



  • I up-voted because I'd love to see the feature implemented.

    That being said, I don't think Mark's approach is the best way to make a feature request.

    I used to be a  Runkeeper user because I really liked the way they handle training plans (in-app with audio/visual cues) but the app is very unstable and bluetooth pairing is very bad too, so I went back to Strava.

    I will promote to Strava Premium as soon as they implement something that enhances the training plan user experience. Not necessarily the same Runkeeper has, just something in-app that is helpful enough.


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  • Agree...This feature is a must for premium account.  Won't quit Strava as there are a number of other features...would even consider $2 - 5 for a separate app or additional monthly fee...just a big gap in the training plans.

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  • Training plans with audio announcements would be awesome. It's the only feature that keeps me from ditching Runkeeper (an app that is otherwise worse than Strava in every way).

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