• Fully support that. It a real pain to have to login to the website to get the details.  It should show in the activity details just like HR & Speed. 

  • What Ralph and Chris said. Cadence is like a corner piece to a puzzle. ;-)

  • cadence is key to cycling so the Strava app should really support it. Bluetooth HR devices are already supported, so bluetooth cadence sensors shouldn't be hard to integrate

  • Agreed, and running cadence would also be welcome

  • So stupid not to have cadence info in the app.

  • Agreed. Please Strava

  • Strava used to have this info why was it taken away, I now paid for a year of service only to have the one bit of info I really wanted taken away.

  • I bought a bike sensor and paid for summit to train on my cadence , what happened with this?

  • yeah, what happened @Strava?

  • Weird, why remove it? Really useful to know for gear selections.

  • I don’t get it. If you use Zwift with a smart trainer, all the data you need is recorded in real time and logged on Zwift, including power, cadence etc. It when Zwift ports it all over to Strava automatically (nice feature) Strava appears to strip the cadence data from the recorded activity. Even if you’re a Premium Strava user. Is it me? Am I missing a “Show More” button or something? It used to be there in times gone by I’m sure? It’s so annoying!

  • I really wish we could see cadence stats in the App. That being said, Romain Bardet has cadence on his strava app feed. I was stunned to see it. Does that mean it it will get rolled out to us soon? Please?!

  • Yes, cadence please!

  • Another vote for cadence please. Please! Cadence on the iphone app! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • This is a basic bit of info that is available in the web version but not in the app version. Daft not to have it

  • C’mon Strava. Your really going to start losing summit users if you continue watering down the data and options. Already cyclist are going to other platforms ...Fine to keep it stupid simple for free users but common business sense would tell you to include all the relevant training info like cadence for paid subscribers.

  • and me

  • 3 years on and no cadence in the activity summary for app. WTF.

  • So many straightforward community requests like this one being ignored by Strava, even from paying customers. Decided not to renew my summit subscription until they start addressing stuff like this. 👌

  • cadence please we beg


  • On ONE of my activities it shows average cadence on the app but no where else??

  • Please can you show the cadence data in the mobile app that I check after uploading every ride

  • I need live cadence too for free! It's a basic feature for riders.

  • Another request/plead to add cadence metric to the strava app. Your a reputable company, why not - can you provide an explanation of your decision not to?

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