New Cups: Top 10% (Ten Percent) 5% and 1%

If I place 70 out of 1,000 (7%) in a popular riding area, this is a solid effort to be damn proud of -- but Strava gives no recognition.

Meanwhile, in a less-popular area, if I get 7th out of 14 (50%) the kudo's come flowing for that meaningless little cup. (Makes me want to set the ride private).

With Top 10%, Top 5% (and even Top 1% for segments with over 1,000 riders) athletes have more reasons to stay motivated, while Strava cups remain relevant.

Note: This doesn't replace the 1-10 cups, but simply enhances. If you aren't in a 1-10 slot but are in the top 5-10% you get that cup...


I feel this idea may have been presented before. Oh, here it is... 2 years ago:



  • Great idea!

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  • Great Idea, i had the same and wrote this to Strava:


    first of all, You are doing a great job. Strava is a fantastic website/tool, I enjoy using it.
    Strave is getting more and more popular, which is a good thing. It means also that more and more people can be found in the segments rankings. Some years ago where I ride most segmenst das merely 20 riders in the list, now it is mostly around 200 or more. In Mallorca or the alps there are segments with 20000 or more riders. This also means is is getting more difficult to gain a trophy in the segments. Even if this is not the only motivation for riders, it is a part of the fun of Strava. To compare yourself with others.
    Now my suggestion:
    would it be possible to implement an algorithm which let's You gain a trophy if You reach the top 10% of a segment? E.g. in a segment with 200 riders the first 20 would gain a trophy. In a segment with 1000 riders the first 100 and so on.
    Hope You like the suggestion.


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  • That's exactly how I rank myself..

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  • For the interim, there is Stravistix which recently implemented %rankings on the segment list -- it's a start:

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