Strava Live segments not syncing with Garmin Edge 1000


My strava segments will not sync with my Edge1000. Please help!

  • They used to sync, although with intermittent issues such as improved segment times not updating/ syncing
  • Now no segments are synced at all
  • Edge segments simply says No segments saved Go To Strava to download segments
  • I can view the FIT file of segments list on my GARMIN was last synced today
  • Strava is connected to Garmin (I have tried disconnecting and then reconnecting the accounts as part of troubleshooting)
  • I have a premium strava account
  • I have about 40 segments starred in Strava
  • Garmin Connect confirms Strava has read permission
  • I have synced my Edge1000 both via wireless link (and the Edge confirms Download complete) as well as by directly connecting the Edge to a PC via USB with Garmin Express
  • All firmware and software is up to date to latest version

What else should I do please?

Thanks in advance





  • I've tried to sync my Strava Segments to my Garmin 1000 through my laptop and the Garmin Express App, but without any success. I then tried to Sync my 1000 through my Garmin Connect App on my phone and my Strava Segments instantly synced. I have no explanation as I'm certainly no expert, but I would be happy if this was helpful to others. Thanks.

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  • As soon as i have marked the starred segment and sync and open garmin it take about 10sek then it says, "all segments ar deleted"....BUT NO!!!!! what am i doing wrong, worthless

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  • I use the Edge 1000 and I can not use the strava live segments.
    I have done all the procedures previously informed, but I did not succeed.
    How to solve?
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  • Gareth Hanner feb 2017 - his method worked for me

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