Uploading photos to Strava from Album on iPhone

Is there a new bug in the latest version of the Strava app for iOS (4.17.0) that only looks in the "Camera Roll" album for photo uploads, and cannot allow navigation to other photo folders?

I have been forced into using a hideous workflow to get photos from a camera to Strava, part of which involves syncing a particular folder on the computer via iTunes to get photos onto the iPad so the app can find them.  In the last week or so I have been unable to navigate away from the "Camera Roll" folder.

Anyone else aware of any less painful way of uploading photos?




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    If you tap on the top bar, you can now select from other albums on your phone, including shared albums. Enjoy! 

  • Hi Danny, this is on my list to investigate on Monday. As an iPhone user myself, I don't recall that a previous version of the app could add photos to an activity from an album. As I remember it was only the Camera Roll.

  • I have an update: 

    With the new design for multi-photo upload and the new feature where we highlight photos taken during activity, photos can only be selected from the camera roll, not “My Photo Stream” or other albums.

    We apologize for any trouble for those users who sync with iCloud or the Photos app and now have to perform the extra step of saving to the camera roll before they can be uploaded to Strava. 

    How to: On iOS, open the photo that is not in your camera roll and select the "share" option (box with an arrow pointed up). Then click "Save Photo" and it will then be in your camera roll. 

    Please continue to pass along your feedback regarding this change. 


  • So you expect users to now email photos to themselves & save the photos to their Camera Roll, prior to being able to attach the photos to their activity?

    This was the response I got from my support ticket.. That seems like a terrible User Experience.

  • Hi Bennett - you don't have to email the photos to yourself. On iOS, open the photo that is not in your camera roll and select the "share" option (box with an arrow pointed up). Then click "Save Photo" and it will then be in your camera roll. 

    Again, we apologize for this extra step and hope it's not too much hassle for you.


    I was just referring to the recommendation of the previous support technician:

    "One way you can do this is to email to GoPro photo to yourself, open the email on the phone, then save the photo from the email to your Camera Roll."

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that actually works for pictures that are in another album on your iPhone already. It does work for shared albums though. I guess that's the best work around for now, but still seems like you guys overthought a simple feature.

  • Thanks for the feedback Elle.  I don't really think this is a positive change.  As much as I think having photos attached to activities is cool, it's just too much trouble.  I'll just wait for the web-based photo uploading to come.


  • The simple option would be for Strava to allow uploads from the website.
    The workflow already has more steps than necessary.

  • My strava app can't see my gopro photos that are in my camera roll. Is this a bug? Is it possible it can only see my photo stream?

  • Same here Dan. With the last update, they now restrict photo uploads to only the Camera Roll. Considering how easy it is to get 3rd party photos into your Camera Roll, I can't imagine why anyone would find this annoying (sarcasm). Thanks to the UX geniuses at Apple & Strava, the users get to emails photos to themselves and jump though hoops to get pictures attached to activities. 

    I think I've paid for a total of 5 years of Strava premium at this point (2-3 years of my own + 2 full year gift cards)... this change has me so annoyed, I'm seriously thinking about canceling.

  • Hi Guys

    I've noticed many of my photos no longer 'display' within the Strava app, the space is available but is empty of images.

    If I tap a 'blank' space the red tick appears. If I continue on with the 'Done' option a picture appears on the 'add a photo' option. Of course I don't know which picture I'm choosing 'cos the spaces are blank!

  • There is definitely a bug.  Went thru process of getting my camera shots to my camera roll but the pics did not show in Srava. Ticked empty spaces at top of canmera roll and imported the " blank" pictures!

  • It still doesn't work for me, iPhone5s with version 4.21.0. I did not sync with the iCloud. It do not show GoPro photo in "Camera Roll" or "GoPro Album".

  • I'm on IOS 9.3.5.  I select the share button which takes me to a new screen with that photo select but nowhere on this new screen is there a "Save Photo" button.  At the bottom there is Copy, Duplicate, Slideshow, and Hide, etc.  Above that are various apps like Message, ICloud, Facebook, etc.

    So where is this "Save Photo:" button?

  • Here how:

    On your iPhone iMessge the photo's to yourself, then when received you can select "Save Photo"

  • Much of this chaos is APPLE! Their photo management system is the most user hostile junk that exists.  Layer that with Strava's hand at forcing us to use said junk management system instead of a computer...and Strava also wants us to pay for all of this too!  Apple and Strava have both contributed to millions of hours of wasted human energy trying to deal with such a fall-off-a-log operation of putting a photo where you want it.  O-M-G~!

    No, Tony. Even when I "Save Photo" Strava will not find it.  Lame.

  • FWIW, I've had good luck getting photos to my iPhone from my laptop via the "Image Transfer" app (  I export from Lightroom to a folder on my computer, then fire up Image Transfer on my phone. That allows me to open a web page to the app on my computer (so long as we're on the same network) and dump the photos from the folder to the phone. Then I fire up the Strava App on the phone and the photos are auto-selected as "taken during the activity".

    Note that you must be on the same network for this app to work. If you're using a commercial Wifi hotspot (e.g. at a hotel, Starbucks, etc.), it won't work because even though both devices are connecting to the same hotspot, the commercial hotspot will isolate each device to its own unique network. This is also the same for some home routers' guest network.

    It would sure be a lot easier, though, if Strava were to allow photo upload via the web site.

  • I don't understand why Strava can't go back to had it before where you can choose photos from an album other than 'camera roll'

    I like to select my photos and mark them as 'favorites' (the heart symbol) so that when I go to upload it is easy to find the exact ones.

    Can Strava not bring that function back? It seems that would solve this and many other issues users are having with uploading photos.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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