Possible to have more flexibility around live segments?

I find that I really like to be able to see my current heart rate and speed etc when I'm engaged in a major effort - so, although I LOVE the live feedback for segments I want to tackle I find that I have so many - or popular ones I've not come across - they pop up and I lose the information that I would like to see to help pace my effort etc.

I am absolutely a fan of the live segment display and to be able to see the competition in the layout is awesome, well thought out and practical in all the ways that have been described in the release details; however I wonder if it would be possible to section the screen (after all it is portrait) in such a way as to have a mini feed of the vital-statistics while a live segment is in progress.

Either that or an option to flag particular segments for live feedback only - so it is not so intrusive.

Switching back to the main screen with winter gloves on during an effort is still difficult and interferes with the rhythm of course.

But this is purely to improve the feed and by no means a criticism of the brilliant feature!




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  • I agree.  How abut a tap anywhere on the screen to switch between competition display and regular information display, rather than that tiny button.

    I'd also like to see a switch to disable the auto generated live segments, but keep the starred segments active.  Just make that slider a 3 position switch On - Starred - Off

    I can then look at the route I'm going to ride, star the segments before the ride I want to tackle, and go for it.

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