Moving time for Runs completely useless

So here's the thing. I've just run a parkrun in 19.21. Strava calculates my moving time at 18.12. I ran flat out for 19.21. Where on god's earth does Strava get 18.12 from? This feature is completely and utterly useless. Can anybody explain this to me???



  • Has anyone tried switching the activity type using the SAME DATA?  Say HIKE to RUN or vice-versa?  

    If you do so, you might discover that the moving time varies tremendously.  In one activity I am focusing on right now, the difference is 14 minutes!  Just from switching the TYPE!  Huh?

    Strava so far has been unable to explain why this happens despite much back and forth with what passes for support here.

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  • The moving time changes if you change a course from RIDE to RUN.
    And on a ride the time on Strava often is longer than on the Garmin-computer. (Endomondo and Garmin Connect shows the same as the Garmin-computer)
    Strava support explains this: on a ride you have to be on a full stop for at least 15 sec. before the time stops. …. they say they only count is as "rest" when you have been stopped for at least 15 sec. Imagine a ride with at lot of stops for trafic…
    To me this is total BS..

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  • I'm moving away from strava for this reason..
    26min moving time, 46 min elapsed time..

    Actual time was around 28 min by my watch..

    Just useless, a reliable stop watch should be a basic function..

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