Route Builder Automatically Picks A Route

When using Route Builder to create a route it keeps trying to pick the way for me, rather than allow me to place a waypoint on a road and continue on that road.  How do you make it stop doing that?



  • Hi Rachel,  Try turning off "popularity" at the top of the map. If that still fails, turn on "manual mode" and plot the section point by point. 

  • Popularity was off.  Manual mode was off.  Turning manual mode on doesn't help.

  • try to create a route on Route Builder (BETA), base on my mtb offroad activity, but the path i've created always move to the road (asphalt, near off road trail). I ride on trail,on dirt, not on road.
    please somebody help me with this.
    I need to create route for my club so we can make a fun race base on my segmen. thanks

  • @Jack - Have you turned off popularity? It's quite possible that the MTB trails you would like to map are not present in our basemap. The current route builder does not do well if the roads or trails do not yet exist in our database. 

    The next option for you is to enable Manual mode, and manually plot the map. 

    Hope that helps. 

  • This is baffling, works great if you want to ride roads. I'm looking at segments created from users. I start plotting along those trails and I end up getting a route on the nearest road, rather than on the trail itself.  I have yet to successfully plot a route using Strava segments. I've tried using popularity, global heat maps...

    Doesn't work.

  • Having serious issues with the route builder.

    I've mapped all the MTB trails on OSM and they are now all visible in the route builder.
    I don't want to use manual mode as I want the route to follow the paths and tracks.
    Noticed the elevation blows out incorrectly when trying to build a route. Which I think may be my problem.
    Can elevation be disregarded when building a route? Is there another issue/bug at play?

    I've recorded a video to demonstrate my problem, Its an issue I often find re-occurring.

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