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    Hi David - thanks for the post. We have no plans to move away from Apple maps currently, but I think it would be great for us to explore this option and assess the work needed and cost of switching maps in our app. 

  • The Apple maps do not cover any off-road trails, which makes your App useless for navigating in the woods. I have to run Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro in parallel for a map.

  • +1 here.  One of the main reasons I won't switch to an iPhone is b/c the base map in Strava is Apple maps.  I use Strava more than most any app on my phone.  None of the trails I ride show up on Apple maps.  It would be SO GOOD if Strava used Google maps in the iOS app (if Apple would ever allow this)!

  • +1 here as well. I agree about the lack of trail support. I did I long hike today, recorded it on Strava and since it was through a city park, the map is completely blank. Can't even tell it was through a park, the area is totally white. If I want to see where my partner has gone running in the woods near our house, I have to cross-reference Google maps in order to understand where he went. It's a real bummer for such an otherwise pro app!

  • I agree the lack of Terrain in Apple maps is terrible.  The segments are almost useless. It is extremely difficult to tell where exactly they stop and start for mtb.  I wish Strava would allow other maps to be used.  This is the worst part of the Strava app.   

  • Cannot believe that terrain is not displayed on the app. Come on - this is a running / cycling app for gods sake. Just started a premium trial today and went on a 5 mile run only to see a green map with no detail what so ever.

    Strada don't you think that your iPhone app will be used by people with mountain bikes or trail running outside of towns? Then why would you chose to not have any representation of the terrain or tracks available on the iPhone app , isn't this one of the top three things you need when running or cycling on trails?

    This should be a no brainer but having worked in tech companies before Im sure it will require numorous brainstorming meetings and surveys to determine if it is worth the investment.

    Sadly I'm already thinking of canceling my subscription to an otherwise great app because of the lack of this.

  • The lack of Country trails and displaying wrong road junctions on the apple map cause the strava app on IOS devices only practical when sticking paved road(Busy Urban Streets), but out in the country side its like a blank green screen with nothing on it....
    It was a great idea for you switching from google map to OSM on the web medium, but now its like doing half the job but never finish the rest...??

    Even if OSM in strava app means we need a premium account to access I believe many are more than happy to do so!!!

    More IMPORTANTLY!!! (Put the beacon aside) for those who are new to hiking or trail biking which relied on you app can easily got lost and was depending on your map and do not know other map services could render helpless in the wild so I really suggest two of the most important feature you can improve is the use of Openstreetmap and the possibility for users to preload the map in the app....

    An App suggestion for you to study further: GPS Hiker

  • Elle, now that a year and a half has gone, have you done any exploration into this? Just about everything I log is off-road, meaning that the map is next to worthless. Moving to OSM would be a massive improvement.

  • This thread startes in 2016, and still no functioning maps in a running and tracking application ? Did you stop developing the app ?

  • At least in Germany, Apple Maps is great for in-car navigation and bad (I'm trying to be nice here!) at everything else. Many bike-only routes are missing, trails are missing, half the time I'm riding my (road) bike through the woods according to the map that is displayed in Strava. I have to use other apps (komoot) to get a usable map.

  • Openstreetmap on iOS would be a great addition. As everyone above has noted, Apple Maps provides no useful info when riding on trails in the woods. Please consider addressing!

  • Would be great to have OSM instead of Apple maps. Created a route on my laptop using OSM, but when viewing on iPhone it makes no sense because the tracks either don't exist in Apple maps or are wrong.

  • Apple maps are useless in most parts of the world. Especially in app focused on biking and running! OSM are great and there are several options to implement it in the app. (Eg mapbox).

  • I just changed to an iPhone from android, and have found the iPhone app useless in comparison to Google maps.

    Even just on country lanes, you zoom out and all the lanes disappear completely, then zoom in enough for the lanes and the names to appear, and you're just looking at a blank screen with a line through it!

    I'm having to take my old android phone out on a ride because iphone maps are so poor in comparison.

  • Bummer Ian. I almost got an iPhone XS but got a Google Pixel instead. Very happy with it.

  • Any update on this? I'd love to switch from Runtastic to Strava, but with Apple Maps I only see solid green when running offroad which makes navigation impossible. Please add OpenStreetMap as another option.

  • Having OpenStreetMap on the phone during the activity would be super-helpful. As an example, here's the map from the website (OpenStreetMap), and from the phone (Apple maps, perhaps?) - and yes, this is exact same area, screenshots from today:

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