"Collision Alarm"

I am a mountain biker and I use Strava to track my rides. I like the "Flyby" a lot, and I was thinking that it could be used to help avert a potential crash with other trail users. Sometimes, even and slower speeds, you come around the corner of a narrow single track and "BAM", no matter how cautious you are, you can run right into someone. Flyby already tracks where we are in relationship to eachother. Can't we get an alert or something that another Strava user is coming right at us in say, 100 yards? Like a "Collision alarm"?

Let's do this! :)



  • Along the same lines, what if there was also a "collision detector" (if such a thing doesn't already exist)?

    Last week I was running Strava on my ride in to work and I was hit by a car. (I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to have hobbled away with only bruises and scrapes.)

    Some ideas have popped into my head in the time since. Wouldn't it be cool if Strava...

    • Recognized a collision and captured a snapshot of data for me to share in insurance claims? Things like exact location, time, speed, etc... All questions that I've had to answer in the insurance conversations with my provider and the driver's.
    • Stored and displayed emergency contact info on a phone's lock screen, either while it's running or immediately following a detected collision? Thankfully I was coherent and uninjured enough to unlock my phone and direct the folks who were on the scene to the contact information I needed them to see. But what if I had been unconscious? Their jobs would have been much more difficult.
    • Automatically ended the activity upon detecting a collision (and also indicated this in the saved activity details)? The app paused once I was down, but it restarted once I got into the ambulance and headed to the hospital. Now I've got a QOM that I don't actually deserve, kind of adding insult to injury. :)

    I think all these features would add a lot of value to the app. Given that they are related to athlete safety in the event of emergencies, though, I would be kind of disappointed to see them be adopted as Premium-only. 

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  • Adding to Becca’s amazing post, as a rider I would be very interested to know whether a route is riskier than another.
    If a collision can be detected it’d be great to plot danger zones, maybe even send a special kind of notification suggesting to slow down or something.

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