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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



  • kinda gobsmacked this still hasnt been done.  I dont use Intragram and have no intention to.  I just want upload my cropped, tidied up pics from my laptop.  Its half a day for a dev. You're not that small a company!  Get it done please :-)

  • ... Même en France nous ne comprenons pas pourquoi il est toujours impossible d'ajouter des photos depuis le PC !
    ... Even in France we do not understand why it is still not possible to add photos from the website !
    Thanks to add ASAP this feature.

  • I can not understand why it's not yet possible to add pictures in the webbrowser just like all the other peopple here.

  • I am a software guy, and anyone who writes code knows this would take a day of coding to get it working ???? So me being a paying customer agrees with everyone else - it is asinine NOT to be able to upload from a PC, and make NO sense.


  • +1. Yes, please code the feature "add picture to an activity from web"

  • Still cant add photo from website !

    we are in 2K17 guys !!!



  • Adding another comment to this request.  I could not find a way to add a photo from a browser so I searched the topic and found this thread.  Unbelievable that this is still not supported yet.  Strava, please add ASAP.  Thank you.

    (Sardonically you can add a photo here to these comments on a support website but not to an activity!)

  • Guess I should cancel my STRAVA Prime, I thought I would be able to upload pictures from my computer and digital camera, did not realize I need a special phone or Android app, guess I should have checked this blog first since it looks like it has been going on for a while. I think the programmers would set-up the computer website download first then the other digital equipment. Short sighted on their part and no brain storming. Remember customer satisfaction first to be successful.

  • It's been mentioned before but it bears repeating -- upvote the original post. That's one thing that really matters as it dictates the position in the issue list. This item is still about 150 upvotes away from making it to the top 10 featured list.

  • Yep, add it.

  • WHY, after all these requests from Premium paying customers like me for almost ONE YEAR...


    Just so you can farm our personal smartphone data with your app?

    Partner with a photo website like Google Photos, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Cluster, or 500px.  At least, give us an ETA.

    I'm going back to basic service til then.


  • @Peter S. Crosby , I agree with you.

    I've moved to using a Lezyne GPS (Super Enhanced model, which is __excellent__, BTW), so I no longer use my iOS iPhone app for recording and monitoring my ride.   It is a doooofusss kind of thing that I have to use my phone APP to add the picture in.  My pictures automatically appear in my iCloud, so the natural way to do this is at my laptop, where I can edit the picture intelligently and accurately.  I honestly don't want to be shackled to my phone for this.

    I am hopeful that it _is_ planned, and _is_ implemented, though when you consider the aggregate total of _all_ of the requests for this feature in the different (culled and active) threads regarding this feature, it seems ridiculous that it wasn't implemented several years ago.

    Adam Pearce ⓞ is correct that you should "upvote" the request here, but one has to remember that they've periodically shut/locked previous threads requesting this... so the total number of requests for this feature is probably closer to 1000.   I'm not sure if locking the old threads is a conscious effort to deflate the count, or someone's idea of "keeping the conversation fresh", or some sort of compulsive tidiness.


  • +1.

    I think this is self explanatory why we need this after all the other comments on this topic.

    Best Regards,


  • +1 from Premium user.

  • I have come to this thread to state my support for adding/uploading photos to a ride via the Strava website

  • Given that this requested feature has now been moved to a "planned" feature, perhaps making it a 'premium membership' feature would elevate the rationale for moving ahead sooner to "being developed".

  • +1, what else?

  • Indeed, Riccardo Rossi...  I'm thinking that both basic (unpaid) and premium users would be very happy to have this feature.  Hopefully it will be available for everyone soon.  It _is_ a big enough deal that folks have asked for it repeatedly...

  • Please add this feature... I can't believe it's still not possible.

  • +1

  • Keen to see this feature added. Just transferred photos from my camera to my PC. Now I need to upload to a cloud service, download to my phone, then add to the Strava app. Would be nice to avoid this hassle. No hissy-fit from me. I understand that you can't do everything all at once, and prioritisation will always be an issue.

  • Emailed myself some photos from Windows phone to PC.  Come to load them onto activity and not possible.  Surely this would take a developer < 1 day to add to the website.  Strange the functionality is missing unless it is there and well hidden when it is already there on mobile devices.

  • Managed to do this by loading Bluestacks (thanks previous poster) to pc as android emulator and then loading strava app.  Took a while though.  Would have been easier to click a button in Windows!


  • If there is an actual API (and not just a backend hook in the IOS/Android apps), then the community could add this feature themselves. 


    Common Strava, this is stupid.  You actively TOOK AWAY this feature from the web client when you added Instagram support a few years ago.  I realize that your web developers are excessively few versus your app developers at this point, and you are attempting to drive features there to make folks go premium, but not having a ubiquitous service offering makes me question getting (and keeping) premium.


  • Just became a NONPAYING user because of Strava' stubborn lack of web - not app - photo support posting...#FAIL

  • +1

  • This is shocking. Along with the lack of Celsius/MPH units this shows that Strava is becoming complacent. I certainly won't be paying up anytime soon.

  • Damn, I really want to become a premium member again, but am holding out waiting for this feature. C'mon Strava, you can do it!

  • +1 million. 

  • +1 for this highly requested feature. Indeed quite shocking that this simple feature is being ignored by Strava. I am now actually doubting if I want to become a premium member of Strava...

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