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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



  • Technically this sounds like something that is very acheivable without too much time and effort, as people continue to point out on here, as if Strava actually haven't realised it's theoretically quite easy to do. So that clearly isn't the problem. It does open up a world of pain in terms of storage, speed of the site, increased data transfer etc etc. Also, while the phone/app option does appear to limit you to uploading photos that have been taken at least during the time of the ride (I think), a web based option opens that up to any old image, which in turn runs the risk of Strava turning into a photo storage/sharing site (some people will upload 20 images of the cafe stop), which it was never designed to be. Plus there would have to be increased staffing to check the content so dodgy stuff doesn't get displayed to the world - unfortunately there are plenty of idiots who would enjoy doing that! That would all add to the cost. Strava will have a clear idea of the price at which people start dropping premium membership.

    Strava set out to be a social network for athletes, where you could monitor, share and improve performance. I didn't join Strava to share photos so I don't really understand that people are actually get angry about it and threatening to dump Strava.

    It would be nice to have but there are plenty of other photo sharing sites.

  • As a brand new member, can I add my voice to the chorus of those requesting this facility?  I record my rides on a Garmin;  my mobile phone is a Blackberry (which apparently isn't supported by Strava and requires a work-round I can't get to work) ... and it frustrates the hell out of me that I can't access something which is available to other people just because they have a different phone.  You have a facility that enables me to enter and edit notes for each ride.  How complicated can it be to make it possible to attach photos as well?

  • +1, I record on endo because of compatible bt HR sensor and import trainings into Strava, that's why for me this picture upload func from web site is a must have!

  • +1 to be able to add pics through the website

  • just weird, that something so obvious is missing. Actually more annoyed that I spent 10 minutes looking for a feature that I thought must be somewhere on the web site.

  • Could you please add the ability to upload a photo from the browser as per the numerous other requests?  I too am a paying customer / Premium member.


  • You're not that small of a company, and this is the easiest feature to add. So easy, it flags the potential for an affirmative intention not to allow it. You worried about buying and managing storage space with increased activity upload sizes?

  • Time to fix this for us strava come on its a simple request

  • This and manual entries with a selected route needs to be added asap. Its great that you put effort in supporting the mobile plattform but most people do not use the phone for tracking the route as that depletes its battery (needed in emergencies). The phoneapp is mostly used for after-bike viewing, kudos, uploading with garmin connect to strava etc.

    If you want people to pay for premium access then "we are a small team and currently are prioritizing other projects" is not the way to go.What other projects are these?

  • Strava will die soon if you keep going this way.

  • Wow, embarrassing you're incapable of adding such a simple feature.

  • +1 Yes I can still do it from the app, but common. I don't always take my photos from my phone and I know I am not the only one.

  • Nathan Westlake: they are capable of adding the feature, they have just refused to do so as of yet. For the life of me I can't figure out why. Since I do some software development, what I suspect is that the developers have had explicit instructions from their management not to enable this feature.

  • There is no problem with technical solutions to add this feature. But there is problem with marketing/politics. They can to add this feature easily but they don't want to...
    I think so. 


  • +1.
    To put a capture from a Go Pro video I need to push it to Google Photos, Download on my phone... and upload it from the Strava app. Doesn't feel very instantaneous and I feel like I'm missing views/likes on my ride because they are changing over time. Creating an upload feature is not that difficult... and you already built the back end for the mobile app :(

  • I just did a big everesting ride and would like to add some of the photos I took but whenever I try to do it on my Samsung S8 Strava stops working and crashes. Is my ride too big, surely not. Because I can't upload via my PC I'm stuck.

  • @andrewroozen   Master of the understatement there, mister 20k of vertical ! 

  • Maybe its time to write a 3rd party web application that can talk to their API and allow photo upload? :)

  • Really surprised adding photos via the web client isn't possible given it is such an obvious and simple feature. Please can the Strava developers add it.

  • Crazy it's taken this long.  Please be honest - is it because you can't do it easily (very much doubt that) or because you don't want to pay for storage (which this Premium member at least would find pretty outrageous)?

  • would be very nice upload photos from PC

  • I have at times used the Strava app on my phone to record rides, but I currently use a Garmin to record the rides, and the rides get transferred over to Strava automatically when I upload the rides on my PC. It is a total and complete joke that I can't add photos from a ride using the PC web page. In fact, this morning I took a photo during my ride using the Instagram account on my phone, the same Instagram account that's supposedly connected to Strava, and yet since I didn't use the Strava app to record the ride, the photo of course doesn't show up.

    This is a complete joke. Oh, btw guys, when Elle says something is planned for later, what this really means it that it's never going to happen. We clydesdales have been asking for something like 4 or 5 years now for Strava to make more weight categories than simply having everyone over 200 lbs being lumped together in one category. They went from telling us they couldn't do it, to it's difficult, to they're planning on doing it shortly, to it's still never been done, even though there's plenty of demand for it, and no particularly good reason for them not to do it.

    Good luck getting this one. I restarted premium again, despite deciding years ago not to renew premium until they made over 200+ lbs into more than one weight category. Now I'm up against this particularly braindead limitation of only getting photos addable to rides if one uses the Strava app on the phone. This is just stupid. I can do almost anything I want on the PC, in a web browser, with my rides, segments, routes, etc. What exactly is the holdup with simply adding photos from the Strava web page? Guys come on, this is 2017. If this were still the 90s I could see not having implemented something as simply as adding a photo yet, but Jesus, we're like 15 years passed the point where this should be easy to do.

  • I too want to be able to upload photos from my pc. Obviously, it would be easy for Strava developers to add this feature. I think the issue that most are missing is that it'll take a lot of new storage capacity. All of the photos & videos uploaded need to be stored, and that costs money. However, I don't buy the excuse "we're just a small company". I personally know & ride with hundreds of Strava Premium members. I think the revenue stream is there to buy some more storage. I've been a Premium member for a few years, not so much because I need the Premium features (I use TP as well) but because I've wanted to support Strava's success. I'm at the point now of needing to see more rapid improvement and a better attitude toward paying customers before I'll renew my Premium membership.

  • If it was just a question of cost, I'd pay for Premium just to be able to do this.  But there is no way I'm going to pay to upgrade unless and until they sort this out.

  • Matt Duguid wrote:

    "Maybe its time to write a 3rd party web application that can talk to their API and allow photo upload? :)"


    I don't see that their API supports photo uploads.


  • the only 1 way to get that option is to stop to pay for a premium version. as ultimate.

  • "I personally know & ride with hundreds of Strava Premium members. I think the revenue stream is there to buy some more storage."

    I don't believe Strava is yet profitable. Most folk are not in fact paying members. Only 1 in 6 according to an attempt to work it out on Reddit/Strava. I'd surprised it's that high, judging by people's reluctance to pay for anything online/digital. I pay, but not primarily for premium features. It's more because I simply want Strava to stay in business. Looked at people I follow and interstingly enough it is exactly 1 in 6.
    As for you 'personally knowing hundreds of premium members', sounds like a huuuuge exaggeration to me. Most folk personally do not know that many people in total. Let alone activity specific, app specific and finally specifically paying users. Following folk on Strava is not the same thing as knowing someone, not to mention that would in all likelihood not be a representative sample.

  • Rustam M. wrote:
    "the only 1 way to get that option is to stop to pay for a premium version. as ultimate."

    Unfortunately this doesn't work. I let my premium membership lapse over a year ago, and let Strava know I was doing this because the photo upload feature is missing. Sadly this doesn't seem to have had any affect. Strava, in case you are listening, I will restart my premium membership when web photo uploads are available!!

  • Uploading photos to activities via the Strava website is currently under development and should be released in a few weeks. Next week, we will already have photo uploading for athlete and club posts on the website. Thanks for all your patience. 

  • @ellie thank you.  I am screenshotting this page  (it worked on imgur with folders ! )


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