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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



  • Elle, This is great, and I wish you every success in the testing procedure shortly. This will make a  lot of people happy.

  • "Unfortunately this doesn't work."

    It won't work until it becomes massive.

  • Thanks for the Update Elle! Looking forward to testing it out next week!

  • Good news, thanks for the update Elle.

  • +1 to be able to add pics through the website and why not videos and youtube links!

  • Given for whatever reasons strava will never allow us to upload photos from PC, (understand their CEO is from Instagram), my problem is I use a Garmin edge 510 on ride collecting all data including cadence and heart rate.  After ride, plug edge 510 into PC which then uploades to strava from Garmin site. 

    I desire to add photos either to a particular ride or to my profile.  Have Iphone 5, will enroll instagram, can download strava app to Iphone.  but am confused that this setup will require not using edge 510 thus incomplete data.  WTF! 

    BTW, have un-enrolled for Premium membership at renewal.  Strava with their recent activity feed changes is going down hill fast seemingly with no brakes!  Need guidance and strava help lines overwhelmed by calls to complain at the seemingly endless scrolling it takes now to check activity feed.!

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  • I like Strava.

    I have a Garmin Edge 500.

    To upload data I plug the Garmin into my PC and hit "upload". Job done.

    I like photographs.

    I have a digital camera. Cheap and cheerful, but it does the job.

    I plug the memory card into the side of my PC and copy/cut/paste to upload the pictures.

    I have a phone.

    But it's old. A Nokia C1. It doesn't support apps like Instagram and Strava so I can't share photographs with other Strava users.


    Strava? Please, it can't be that difficult. Just sort us all out with a method for uploading photographs directly from a PC (which is where I manage my photographs) onto the Strava website. Maybe insist they're compressed, or limit the number? But please! I can't afford to buy into new technology just to share photos, I just want to be able to use my cranky old PC with my cranky old camera to share images of "stuff that I saw on my ride today" with other users who are interested in seeing that stuff. I know there are people who are interested because when I mention seeing certain things I get asked "where are the photos". It's a bit of a bind to have to explain (yet again) why I can't share stuff. 


    I see people above mentioning "updates". But there has been little in the way of any announcement through activity feeds. As far as I can tell there were no forums thronged with users demanding a new look to the activity feeds, nor were there queues outside Strava Towers demanding an end to chronological feeds, yet for years now there has been a steady stream of users going as far as dropping their premium membership in protest at the lack of direct photo uploads.


    Throw us a bone here, please!

  • I just upgraded to Premium for the sole reason of adding activity photos from the website.  Bad assumption on my part.   Quite disappointed when I couldn't figure out how to do it.  What gives?

  • Why this is not supported? It's quite easy to do! I did it several time on my project. And I have windows phone, so it's absolutly not possible for me to upload pictures. (Maybe they just want to save some disk space when ignoring such simple request) 

  • Awesome news thank you Elle, looking forward to the update!  :-)

  • Hey, at least they just added the blog option and we can add photos in a blog rom the computer. I just tried it last week and I like it.

  • This feature still hasn't been added? Strava is ignoring the voice of their customers, which is quite frustrating.


  • Elle, back on October 14 you said a "few weeks".  Can you define this further for us?  I don't want to sound non-positive, but this feels like it could be slipping into "Pwetend", as my kids used to say when they were in kindergarten.  Is this for real, or are we in a period of infinite delay?   I'm hoping it is real...

  • It's been a few weeks...Any updates Elle?

  • They say it's coming. But that was nearly a month ago. In the meantime we've had a whole load of new changes which, as far as I can see, no-one has been asking for (unlike this chain, which has been going on for a very long time)... If it's not here by Christmas, I'm quitting. Maybe if enough other people say the same we might get somewhere...

  • any news? (4 weeks after the official comment)

  • So a few weeks have gone by, and I am still unable to find a way to upload photos directly via my PC.

    My way of doing this?
    Plug phone into PC, copy photos across into the gallery on the phone, then upload them via the android app...

  •  Elle said "we will already have"

    It means "they" (strava team) will have. Not "we" (strava users)  =)))))

  • Just a few weeks...  11, 12,... 34.... =)))


  • One thing that irks me is "religious" dogmatic stances on things in the computer world that people hold onto for some theoretical reason, and simply will not change. Examples abound from Apple, for instance, who would never make a button with more than one mouse because Jobs or Ivy or whoever insisted on some sort of theoretical purity, even as Windows supported multi-button mice and it was extremely handy. Apple's intransigence on issues like this is the stuff of legends.

    So, I wanted to attach a photo of my new bike to a ride this week. I had the photo on my computer, and I thought no sweat, I'll just log in to Instagram and then upload it, and then sync the activity in Strava, which will go out to Instagram and grab the photo. So I logged in to Instagram via web page and discovered that Instagram can't upload photos through its web app on a PC. So I installed the Instagram Windows 10 app from the MS store (I hate those apps, and have almost none of them on my machine). Guess what? Instagram's app on Windows cannot upload photos to your Instagram account! This is one of those face-palm moments where you dig out the old cliche: INSTAGRAM, YOU HAVE ONE JOB! Yes, an app for a photo upload social media site cannot upload photos from a PC. I can only guess that the Instagram founders have this demi-religious dogma that insists that what their service is about is enabling people to communicate spontaneously with each other through images from their mobile devices. And a PC isn't mobile, so you can only view photos, write comments, etc. OH MY GOD. Honestly, some of these stick in the mud attitudes.

    So I uploaded the photo from my PC to my phone, logged into Instagram from my phone, then manually selected and uploaded it to Instagram. Then I got back on my PC, got back into that activity on Strava, and manually forced a resync. Finally the photo showed up. I believe I read somewhere that a Strava bigwig was also an Instagram big wig, so I have this sneaking suspicion that this whole time Strava photo uploading was gimped on a PC over a stupid religious "we want people to think of us as something they do from their phone" argument back in the day, and they've just been sticking with it ever since. Finally reasonable minds in the company prevailed, realizing that you cannot force everyone to use the Strava app on their phones to record all their rides because plenty of people vastly prefer to use separate devices like a Garmin to record their ride, and then upload them through their PC. This is the reality, and they finally, years and years into this whole thing, have bowed to that.

    Only we're still not there yet. Just a few more weeks. It'll happen. Maybe it would happen quicker if so many people didn't proudly announce they'd turned off Premium because Strava didn't do something they really wanted. He Strava: I'm on premium, and I'm not turning it off even though you guys still can't upload photos from a PC in late 2017. I'm keeping it on because you guys need the money to pay the people who a few weeks ago were only a few weeks from having this done. I hope they get it done soon, but even if they don't, I'm not going to come on here and announce that I'm going off Premium again over it. I appreciate all the other functionality I get through Strava, and that's worth something to me, and so I want to support you. Still, if this whole "hey I have an idea, let's do an Instagram and try to force our users to use our service the way we want them to use it, and not the way they want to use" thing is ultimately the reason this still doesn't work, then I shake my head in disgust. I don't use Apple stuff to this day because I just couldn't swallow some of the decisions Apple made held onto religiously, I hate Instagram for being this way, and I don't want to think of Strava as being of this same attitudes. Let users use the service you provide the way users want to use it. If you're going to be multi platform, then be multi platform, and not gimp one platform to try to force users into the preconceived notion you guys have of how you envision customers using your service.

    Ok, there's my rant for the day. You know what? I feel a little better already. Thanks Strava!

  • @Seth Leigh - thanks for a rant among rants ... a monumental rant ... for us all to enjoy, commiserate, and for all of us, hopefully, a rant encourage action from the STRAVA teamt. Go STRAVA!  261 comments and counting! :D

  • I tough i was doing something wrong and that i couldn't find the feature to upload pictures on the website.

    This is just something strava wont implement, why!? It don't require any difficult programming skills nor development to add this feature! Strange to not listen on customer request. Maybe should go back to Endomondo!

  • @ Steve Cutcomb: the 261 count that you mentioned is probably 2 or maybe even 3 or 4 times that number. The have reset the counter in effect at least twice by moving the 'conversation' to a new thread where we can all share our thoughts and feelings, anew and refreshed... sounds so inspiring...

    We are all still waiting...

  • Please update the official statement about the estimated release date. (7 weeks ago it was a few weeks. I can imagine the complications came up but it's better to inform users about the delay than keeping silence.)

  • "Please update the official statement about the estimated release date. (7 weeks ago it was a few weeks"

    I can't find it on this page. Did they removed it?

  • Is there any update on this...? It has been nearly 2 months since we were told that this functionality 'should be released in a few weeks'...

  • I'm able to upload photos from my PC to RideWithGPS, which is a smaller company than Strava, so the "we're a small company" line doesn't cut it. RideWithGPS also has a private message feature, something else Strava users have been requesting for years. These are a couple of reasons why I pay for RideWithGPS and use the free version of Strava.

  • The fact that the last update, with an estimated release, has been deleted, doesn't make me feel very optimistic about this happening any time soon...

  • Hi Sergei, on top of the first page you find it labelled "Official comment".


    It's true that uploading photos from mobile device works, it's just inconvenient for people who prefer to use the PC.

    It can be a valid reason that Strava development is busy with more important features even if we don't like it.

    However updating the official comment is a piece of cake, it should be done to respect the community.

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