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At long last, Mentions went live today on Strava for iOS and Android. Update to the latest version of the app and give it a try. Go to an activity, type '@' into the comment field and select an athlete to mention.

Mentions on the web will be coming at a later late. 

If you have any further question on how this feature works, check out our help article.



  • Official comment

    Sorry that we haven't had a chance to bring @mentions to the Strava website yet. It's definitely something we have planned due to the success of mentions on our iOS and Android apps. 

    In the meantime, thanks Anton for sharing this unofficial tip: 

    "Copy link to an athlete's profile, for example, your https://www.strava.com/athletes/2653185, then transform it to this: [strava://athletes/2653185]" in your comment on the Strava website. 

  • This is a great feature.... but it appears it's not implemented on the full browser version (PC / Mac...). Are there plans?

  • Hi there, it looks like the Mentions function is only available on the phone app (iOS or Android). Any idea when it will be also available on via desktop or laptop computers? Thanks

  • EDIT: Missunderstood the feature, this is only available in activities and not in discussions in clubs? If so, is a such feature to come soon?

    Original post: Doesn't work for me, I get no suggestions after an @ when I write comments in a discussion in one my clubs.

    Android client v.5.1.0

  • This is just the beginning of our work with mentions on Strava. We do have plans to support mentions on the Strava website. Mentions in Club discussions is being considered as well. 

  • Y, I would love to see the feature on the Web. Don´t have a Android Phone or IPhone :-(

  • For me the web is my primary contact with Strava, I run with a watch, not phone apps, and use Windows phone, so no Strava app anyway. BTW, is Windows phone app any closer?

  • Six months later, still no mentions support on the web side of things.

    It would only take a scrap of javascript to do it.

    One more out of a hundred little things broken or missing.

    How about using some of that seed money to hire more coders to complete things?

  • I can't even comprehend why you would release this just on your mobile app and not for the web as SO many people use the web interface.  What is the thought process going on there in the office?  It seems to be broken.

  • I agree with the last 2 comments. Adding this functionality to IOS and Android is great, but what about the web clients?  I am adding a comment and I am forced to use my iPhone because this feature is not available for the website

  • Elio, you can do it on web by your hands. Copy link of athlete's profile, for example your https://www.strava.com/athletes/2653185 , then transform it to this [strava://athletes/2653185] . It'll be mention like from mobile version.

    I don't know why it isn't implemeted in javascript code by developers.

  • One more idea.   Can you allow mentions in the initial descriptions of the activity?  Having it in the comments only is a little frustrating...

  • Seriously, when are you going to add this to the browser interface? Why do Strava devs hate the web so much? (Only 1/16th kidding.)

  • Either the team at Strava is very small, QA testing is super slow or Strava just doesn't care about uniformity, but I just can't seem to understand how certain features appear on a platform and doesn't on others even when it is entirely possible and relatively easy to do so. It has been 10 months since this feature was released on Android and iOS but no such luck for desktop or web clients. *Sigh*

  • This @mention mis-match is as bad as only being able to post photos from phone platforms...another POS

  • After more than a year, it's still not on the web :(

  • @Elle Anderson, as for the supposed 'work around' you announced today 1/26/2018, or what ever that is, no reasonable person with the limited amount of time is going to go do that.

    IDK why you seem to be treating the platforms separately with development, it's ridiculous.

    When are we going to have photograph posting from the PC application? Why have photo screen shot capability at the PC (web) level but not be able to post those? That seems rather odd IMO and I know others have also mentioned this.

  • "Copy link to an athlete's profile, for example, your https://www.strava.com/athletes/2653185, then transform it to this: [strava://athletes/2653185]" in your comment on the Strava website. 

    While I appreciate the workaround, it probably took more time for Elle to respond to this post than it would for a dev to implement the code to do it.

    It's honestly pretty unbelievable that it's been over 6 months and this feature still isn't present on the web. Seriously? Is it really harder to make it work on the web than on two completely different and competing phone platforms? 

    [Skooby Doo noise]

    [head in hands]

  • What is the Dev team waiting for? This is looooong overdue.

  • I was sure this was working on the Strava site directly but now it does not.  Am I crazy?

    I suppose it is possible that I commented via my phone using the @ feature but I rarely ever use the mobile app.

  • I dont want to somebody mentioned mr and i want delete which iş mentioned me

  • 2 years and counting... really Strava?

  • It is just stupid I need to go to the app to reply to someone. Often I don't bother but for crying out loud why can't this be an enhancement during a bug bash? Maybe open up your GitHub and let me do it.

  • I keep a collection of the special [strava://athletes/nnnnnn] links for my Strava buddies in Evernote just so I can @mention them via the web UI. Pretty ridic. I work in IT, but I'm not a web or app developer... Still, it sure is weird to me the difference in features between the web and mobile versions of Strava. This is not the case with, for example, TrainerRoad. There are differences, but they are all formatting and layout, not functionality. 

  • So, today was the day when I got so fed up, that I tried to do something about it. I created a very basic bookmarklet, which can simply paste the [strava://athletes/#athlete_id#] snippet into the comment box when you have an athlete name selected on the activity comment page. (So an existing comment from the athlete is a prerequisite for now...)

    Since even this support page comment box has a substandard feature set, I could not put it here directly. I published it on http://marklets.com/Strava%20Mention.aspx 


  • Just wanted to add my vote for being able to mention folks on the website.  I like the app, but I personally love my desktop more and I much prefer to interact with the site that way.  It'd be really nice to have feature parity there.

  • What he said. 👆🏻


  • What they said

  • Agreed, this needs to get implemented.

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