@Mentions on Strava, send us your feedback

At long last, Mentions went live today on Strava for iOS and Android. Update to the latest version of the app and give it a try. Go to an activity, type '@' into the comment field and select an athlete to mention.

Mentions on the web will be coming at a later late. 

If you have any further question on how this feature works, check out our help article.



  • ZOMG it's done! Every few days I'd type "@" in a comment just to see, and yesterday it popped up actual names! It only took 3 years... 😮

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  • Well how about that… Wonder what other features have been added, if any? I don't see an announcement about this anywhere. Hopefully we can see this incorporated in posts and activities soon. But I wouldn't hold my breath. Maybe they can stop dumping adverts on paid users while they're at it (for their Summit features & allow for disabling of device branding on activities).

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