• I want to set audible notifications for certain stats. Mileage etc. I would like for Siri to be allowed to read my strava details while riding and recording my data.

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  • It would be great to turn on a feature that says "Mile 1, average pace: 10 mins (6mph) [I would like both pace and speed!], Distance from home: 0.4 miles".

    When I run alone, I do NOT want that feature on. I run in the woods, and specifically don't want disturbances like that. On the other hand, with other people in a group run/hike/ride, it would be very useful to know.

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  • Never mind, sorry, just discovered audible notifications... :-) Sorry. On Android.

    It would be nice if, while turning them on, you could get a sample of what each sounds like/reports.

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