Sorting for Routes

I'd like to be able to sort my routes by distance or elevation.  Maybe even add a ranking or category feature to sort by.  Also a count for how many times the route was used.



  • ABSOLUTELY!!!   i would like to be able to sort by Distance, Elevation, Suffer Score, Elapsed Time, Date Created.  Im not sure that a "count" would work. It would have to cross reference the Route with the Activity. But who knows.

    Anyway...this is a no brainer, must have feature!!!  Almost all web page listings have a "Sort By" feature.



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  • Agreed, I was about to suggest the same thing. I have 30+ routes and being able to sort them by the ways suggested above would be great.

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  • This option is also interesting for me.

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  • I think routes have a lot of potential, unfortunately it's a feature that not many people use due to the lack of folders to organize them. It'll be also great to sort them in many different ways (name, lenght, elevation, etc). Pleeeeease add this feature!

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  • Hey everybody - I'm updating an existing app of mine to add some "missing" Strava features, and the first one I worked on was organizing/sorting/searching routes. You can check it out here:

    What you can do:

    See all your routes in table that can be instantly sorted, filtered, and searched

    Organize your routes using tags, so you can quickly find routes of a certain type of that have certain features.

    Check out your route details, add/remove tags, or take a look at the route on Strava

    So check it out and let me know if there are any features I'm missing. Thanks!

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  • I'd like to sort my route based on the location (route name). When I'm at the summer house I'm obviously only interested inte those routes etc...(not the ones starting from my house...)

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  • I'd like to sort my routes (+60) on wind direction and location.

    Is this possible?


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  • Still nothing on this? I think it should be easy to implement a button to sort routes depending on Distance, Elevation Gain or Est. Moving Time.

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